Little Lords of Twilight Cheats: Promo Codes, 4 Best Tips for Veraline, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Little Lords of Twilight for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Little Lords of Twilight Tip #1: How to Move, Attack and Cast Spells.
Summon Hirelings.
Tap on the Summon ability and then on the desired Tile.
Each Hero can summon 2 Hirelings in combat (1 per turn).

Tap on Veraline to select the character and Move into melee range.
Tap on the enemy Golem to select it as a target.
The hero attack range is outlined in RED.
You can change TARGET as long as you haven't tapped the same target twice.

Casting ModZik Spells.
Tap on the Spell in your Spellbar.
Tap on the enemy unit to cast the Spell.
The Spell Cast Range is outlined in Purple.
Casting ModZik Spells does not affect Action Order. You only need to have enough MANA.

Move actions should be ordered first. If you Summon, Attack or use an ability first, you'll be unable to move the unit until next turn.

Little Lords of Twilight Tip #2: LightShift Talisman.
LightShift Talisman is imbued with the most powerful kind of ModZik, it will instantly turn NightFall to SunPop or vice versa. Quickly move over there to retrieve it.
Heroes and Hirelings have different attributes in SunPop and NightFall, study them well.
Guard Zones are displayed by a red Sword & Shield. Units cannot pass through and will stop.

Little Lords of Twilight Tip #3: Decks.
There should have atleast a total of 10 spells, a minimum requirement to create a useful deck.
Each hero can build up to a 3 different decks.
Each time you prepare for battle, you may pick one of those decks before entering the fray.
How can you master new spells you say? Seek Modzik Boxes: they contain new enchantments to further customize your decks.

Little Lords of Twilight Tip #4: Trap Cards.
These support cards can even be activated during your opponent's turn.
Trap Cards must first be set before they can be activated.

Set Trap Cards can be activated during your opponent's turn, but not in the same turn you set them.

There are 3 types of Trap Cards, and each is represented by an Icon.

- Normal Traps.
- Continuous Traps.
- Counter Traps.

1. Normal Traps.
These are basic Trap Cards.
After they activate and their effect has been resolved, they are sent to the Graveyard.

2. Continuous Traps.
These Trap cards remain in the Spell & Trap Zone after activation.
As long as a Continuous Trap is face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone, it's effect stays active.

3. Counter Traps.
These cards interfere with your opponent's actions.
They activate in response to another card's activation, and block it's effect.

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