March to a Million Cheats: 9 Best Tips for Millionaire Strategy Guide and Tricks

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March to a Million by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

This is a simulation game where you manage a music agency.
Manage singers, sell their CDs, organize concerts and try to become one of the top grossing music agencies out there.

Start with recruiting a singer. They won't be particularly good at first, but will gradually improve as they train.
Before they can make their big debut, you will need to register them with a record company.
You will periodically receive special offers or requests.

March to a Million Tip #1: Game Parameters.
Singer Parameters.
Voice: the most important one for singers!
Pitch: Off-pitch singers don't do very well.
Dance: good dancing fires up the audience at concerts.
Charisma: everything goes more smoothly for charismatic people.
Composing Lyrics: well-composed songs with good lyrics sell better.

Parameters can be increased by training, but each singer has their own limits.

Band Parameters.
Performance: better performances draw in bigger crowds and get more merchandise sold. Also affects new concept discovery.
Confidence: without it, musicians would suffer from stage fright.

There is a limit to how much parameters can increase for each singer.
Use an aura to overcome this for a while longer, or retire the singer and hire a new one.

March to a Million Tip #2: Auras.
Auras are more likely to be triggered when Stamina is full. Voice and Charisma affect how powerful the
aura will be. From weakest to strongest: yellow, blue, red.

Auras enhance the results of training and other activities.
If your singer composes a song with an active aura, you will see many more .- symbols than usual, indicating a better outcome.
Auras are also very helpful during auditions and performances.

March to a Million Tip #3: Concept Points.
Use them to create new songs and to level up band members.
Concept points can be obtained in the course of doing various activities such as concerts.
Their maximum number varies depending on the singer.

Activities such as training or performing use up a singer's Stamina, but do not worry.
It will gradually recover when the singer is idle.
The higher the Stamina, the more likely it is for an aura to be triggered.

Concept points assigned during song creation accumulate for the singer.
They slightly decrease when changing specialty, but it may be possible to master all specialties with the right progression.

March to a Million Tip #4: Training & Bookings.
Training improves a singer's parameters.
Which parameters will be affected and how much depends on the type of training
You can change which training types you can offer every September for a fee.

More options become available as CD sales increase.
Some activities are highly profitable, while others increase the number of fans.

March to a Million Tip #5: Merchandise.
Artist merchandise sales depend on their parameters and popularity.
Singers level up when a certain amount of merchandise is sold.
The type of goods to be sold at concerts can be selected in advance

Concert ticket and merchandise sales generate revenue for your agency.
Concept points can also be discovered during concerts, but do not be tempted to organize them too often, or the fans‘ interest will wane.

March to a Million Tip #6: Motivating and Retiring.
As time goes on, singers lose motivation and their performance drops until they eventually retire.
However, positive feedback and recognition, for example receiving an award, can make a singer recover some motivation.

When A Singer Retires.
The new singer will take over 80% of the retired singer's fans.
If a singer is not making good progress, consider having them retire and hiring a new one to pick up the slack.

March to a Million Tip #7: Specialty & Song Themes.
Singers have their own specialties, for example some are better at dancing, blues songs, etc.
To enhance specialties, correctly assign concept points when working on a new song.

When picking a new specialty, the singer's abilities will decrease.
Going back to a previous specialty restores abilities to their earlier levels.
Specialties affect ability growth.

Sales increase when the singer's specialty and a song's theme match.
New themes can be discovered during various performances and activities, depending on the singer's abilities.

March to a Million Tip #8: Fans & Music Awards.
The more fans a singer has, the better the CDs and other merchandise sell, and more people come to the concerts.
New singers take over 80% of a retired singer's fans.

Announced at the end of each year, based on the number of CDs sold and fans who attended concerts.
One of the hardest ones to qualify for is the World Million Award.

March to a Million Tip #9: Ending.
The game story ends after 20 years have passed.
However, you can continue playing as long as you like.
Specialties and theme levels carry over to the new game, making it easier to master them all.

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