Board Kings Cheats: 7 Quick Tips for Beginners, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Board Kings for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Board Kings Tip #1: How can I get more rolls?
There are several ways to of the acquire more rolls in the game:
Using gems to buy rolls in the store
Sending invites to your friends via Facebook
By simply adding on the special tile on the board which gives you 10 rolls. Woohoo!

Board Kings Tip #2: Bunnies.
Bunnies are the unbelievably cute little residents of your board.
Each time you build or upgrade one of your houses, you receive 5 bunnies.
The more bunnies, the merrier AND the higher your status in the leaderboard!

Board Kings Tip #3: Police Cars.
Police cars protect you from other players attempting to cause mayhem on your board.
The amount of police cars you can have depends on your station level.
The more you level up, the more police cars you can have to patrol your board!

Board Kings Tip #4: Getting more Gems.
There’s a few ways to acquire gems in the game:
You can get gems from the Town Hall
You can also purchase gems in the store.
By traveling to another board and landing on a gem tile.

Board Kings Tip #5: Occupy Building
When you occupy a building you basically hinder the progress for that player.
The action of occupying temporarily disables the value of that specific tile.
It decreases their score and prevents them from progressing until they reclaim access to their property.

Board Kings Tip #6: Getting back to your Board.
Once you are on another player’s board you need to finish a full round.
Once you land on the Train Station tile you automatically travel back to your board.
If you get jailed, rolling doubles will release you and promptly return you to your beloved board!

Board Kings Tip #7: Saving Progress.
There are essentially two ways to save your progress. Either by connecting your game to Facebook or via Google Play/Game Center. We highly recommend connecting via Facebook so you can mingle with your friends. Plus, this way you can synchronize your progress on all your devices in the most seamless way.

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