Realm Defense Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Tower Defense, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Realm Defense for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Realm Defense Tip #1: How to Get Gems?
Free Chest - Get gems from opening Free Chest.
Quest - Complete Quests to earn gems.
Endless - Get rank 4 or higher to get gems reward.
Tournament - Advance in Tournament to get gem prize.

Realm Defense Tip #2: In Game Battle Tips.
Coins - Enemies drop coins when defeated, Use coins to build towers!
End of Path - Don't let enemies reach the end of any path otherwise you will lose lives.
Call Wave Button - Calling the next wave fully heals your troops! Call the wave before the timer fills up to also receive a coin bonus.
Flying Enemies - Flying enemies cannot be blocked by characters on the ground, and can only be hit by certain towers.
Burn - Does damage over time. Armored characters have some protection against burn,
Cloak - A cloaked character is invisible to range attacks. It makes a character sneaky, but even a cloaked character cannot avoid being engaged in melee combat.
Haste - Haste is really helpful. It increases the attack and movement speed of characters, making them super effective.
Poison - Poisoned characters lose health over time. Luckily, poison never kills the character, because poison can only bring a character down to 1 hit point.
Slow - Slow makes a character attack and move at a reduced speed.
Stun - A stunned character does not attack or move until they regain their senses.
Challenges - Each level contains a challenge that awards gold if completed.

Realm Defense Tip #3: Tower Tips.
Archer Tower.
- Archers with a lot of range and a great rate of fire.
- Effective versus air and ground.

Multi Shot - Periodically rains arrows down on targets.
Scout - Increase the range of this and all nearby towers.

- A small fort that releases troops to engage enemies.
- Effective at stopping ground units.

Sword Spin - Troops perform a spinning attack damage multiple enemies.
Royal Shield - Boost the health of troops.

- A roaring cannon that lobs explosive shells at groups of enemies.
- Effective against groups of ground units.

Barrage - Periodically erupts with massive boulders damaging all enemies in range.
Rockets Away - Launches a rocket that targets the farthest enemy on the board.

Wizard Tower.
- A wizard that fires powerful beams of magic that rip through enemies in a line.
- Effective against lines of ground units.

Magic Aura - Casts a magic spell providing increased movement and attack speed for allies.
Teleport - Periodically Teleport enemies back.

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