Summon Rush Cheats: Coupon Codes & 2 Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Summon Rush by Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Summon Rush Tip #1: Gameplay Tips.
Summoners and creatures are affected by attributes and become stronger or weaker.
Fire is stronger against Earth, Earth is stronger against Water, and Water is stronger against Fire, dealing more damage.
Light and Dark are stronger against each other.
If the opponent has a stronger attribute, then damage will be halved. Consider attribute relations when creating a deck.
You can summon anytime as long as you have the cost for summoning. Creatures have Battlecry skill so learn and befriend creatures.

Each Summoner activates beneficial specialties when summoning same attributes as themselves so pay attention to the specialty of each summoner.
How about summoning a same attribute summon which is the same as the summoner? 
The enemy has a lot of creatures. Summoning creatures that can freeze all enemies at that time will be useful.
Summoners and creatures can use active skills when mana is full. 
Summoners can learn different Spells depending on their attributes.
Always clear a quest, you will be come more accustomed to battle. Rewards are also important.

Summon Rush Tip #2: Deck Tips.
Deck Settings
- If you have more than 1 Summoner, tap a Summoner card to switch
- Touch the desired creature card to set in deck slots.
- Touch engraved Spells to set in deck slots.
- Touch a creature card that is checked or in deck slots to remove them.
- In auto battle, Creatures and Spells are used according to the deck order.
- Tap begin battle or deck setting button to complete deck settings.
- Tag return to leave without saving current deck settings.
- When reset, all Creatures and Spells are removed from deck slots.
- Recommended deck is arranged according to decks that caused the most damage to the boss (Aka's Training Ground).

- Touch a character in the deck settings window for 2 seconds to check the character's skill and stats info.
- Touch and hold a character equipped in the lower slot of the deck settings window for I second to change order with the slot you want

How to search 
- Check the desired sorting method to list Creatures and Spells accordingly.

How to use continue on.
- You can continue on a stage that you completed.
- Continue on will keep on completing the selected stage automatically.
- Continue on is canceled when there is not enough stamina, battle fails, dungeon entry limit reached, level up, or upon other special events.

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