Hunter Age Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Battle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hunter Age by Gamater for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hunter Age Tip #1: About Status Effect.
Status effect means the buffs or debuffs caused by a particular condition that occurred to warrior during the battle.
Some skills and tecs can impose a status effect on warriors.
Status effect will wear off over time. or you may nullify the status effect with recovery skill tec.

Here's a list of status effect you may encounter:
Astute: Buffs EVA .
Focused: Buffs HIT.
Haste: Buffs AGI.
Tensed: Debuffs EVA.
Blind: Debuffs HIT.
Slow: Debuffs AGI.
Blessed: HP is slightly recovered.
Burnt: You receives slight damage.
Plagued: You receives slight damage.
Poisoned: You receives slight damage.
Numb: You might not be able to land the attack or use the tec.
Stunned: You can't move for a while.
Asleep: You can't do anything until someone attacks you.
Muted: You can't activate skill and tec.
Confused: You might attack your allies instead, and you can't activate skill and tec.
Charmed: You will attack your allies, and you can't activate skill and tec.
KO: You will force someone out of the battle regardless of his remaining HP.
Resurrected: If your HP reaches 0, you will be revived and your HP will be partially recovered.
Regenerated: You will revive someone with partial HP recovery.
Gloomy: Your skill gauge will be slightly decreased.
Invisible: Neither allies nor enemies can interfere you. .

Hunter Age Tip #2: Backup from other player & Self Back Up.
Other player's captain will join your battle as a backup.
Every time you start the battle in Campaign mode, backup request is automatically sent to:
(1) Your allies who just recently log in
(2) Non-ally users who just recently log in
If backup's level is higher than your Lord level back up's level will be decreased to match your Lord level.

Sometime backup comes from your random warrior who is not assigned to any squad.
The more you have warriors, the higher the chance that your own warrior will be your backup.

Hunter Age Tip #3: Campaign Mode.
In Campaign Mode, you will consume load ta carry out the battle.
The amount of required food varies tor each stage you ploy.
Your food will regenerate by 1 unit at every 3 minutes, and it will
stop regenerating when it hits the max capacity or it you carry the load over your capacity.

Maximum food is capped at 999 units. '

After finishing a chapter, you can play some parts of chapter again at Hard difficulty.
Reward for clearing the stage at hard

Hunter Age Tip #4: Daily Dungeon & Gold Hour Dungeon.

Daily Dungeon is a special zone where you can collect limit-raising materials.
You will find different stage for each day of a week.
The schedule for Daily Dungeon is as folIowing:
Suntlay: SUN & WATER materials.
Monday: MOON &. WOOD materials.
Tuesday: SUN & FIRE materials.
Wednesday: MOON & WATER materials.
Thursday: SUN & WOOD materials.
Friday: MOON &. FIRE materials.
Saturday: FIRE/WOOD/WATER materials.

Gold Hour Dungeon.
Gold Hour is a special zone where you can collect extra cash.
This dungeon opens for 1 hour (hence its name!).
You can check out it's next open time from Restricted Zone menu screen.

You can spend an item called "Fast Pass“ to instantly go through a stage in Campaign mode.
You must he Lord lvl. 20. to use Fast Poss.
To use Fast Pass. tap on the stage you wish to play, then tap on [Use Fast Pass] button.
You can go through each stage 10 times at most for Easy difficulty.
You still need to spend food.

How to get Fast Pass:
* Buy it with Gems
* Get it as dropped item from Daily Dungeon and Gold Hour
* Get it from Login Bonus
* Get it from some Traders.

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