Battle Mobile Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Battle Mobile by IGG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Battle Mobile Tip #1: War Factory.
You can build S. Defenses at the War Factory.
Upgrade the War Factory to unlock new S. Defenses.
●Some Technologies and Tactics can increase S. Defense build speed.
●Upgrade Ramparts to increase the maximum number of S. Defenses you can have (“S. Defense Limit”).
●If you have at least 1 unit in your City, S. Defenses take effect automatically. If you have no units in your City, your S. Defenses will only be in effective for 1 round.
To demolish S. Defenses:
1.Tap on War Factory -> “Build”.
2.Select the S. Defense you want to demolish.
3.Tap the ! icon below the S. Defense’s image.
4.Tap “Dismiss”
5.Slide to select the number you want to demolish.
6.Tap “Demolish”.
Note: Resources spent to build the demolished S. Defenses will not be returned.

Battle Mobile Tip #2: Training Grounds.
Barracks, Armored Division, Artillery Division, and Air Base
The Barracks, Armored Division, Artillery Division and Air Base are Military Camp Structures, in which you can train an array of units.
The maximum number of units that you can train at a time (“Train Rate”) increases with their respective Structure’s Lv.
Each Military Camp Structure unlocks a new unit Tier at Lv 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, and 30.
Note: You cannot upgrade a Military Camp Structure and train its units concurrently.
To dismiss units:
1.Go to the Structure that trains the unit - > “Train.
2.Select the unit you want to dismiss.
3.Tap the ! icon below the unit’s image.
4.Tap “Dismiss”.
Note: Resources spent to train the dismissed units will not be returned.

Battle Mobile Tip #3: Train Gunners and Sharpshooters at the Barracks.
Gunner Skill - Shelter
Reduces DMG received from Self-propelled Artillery and Bombers by 33%.
Sharpshooter Skill - Headshot
12.5% chance to deal 3x DMG to an enemy unit. 33% chance if target is an Infantry unit.
Train Heavy and Medium Tanks at the Armored Division
Heavy Tank Skill - Alloy Armor
Reduces DMG received from Gunners, Sharpshooters, and Fighter Jets by 33%. Also reduces the accuracy of all enemies attacking this unit by 25%.
Medium Tank Skill - Flank Attack
25% chance to attack twice. Targets a random enemy ranged land unit from the flanks if this unit is undamaged during the previous Round.
Train Self-propelled and Anti-aircraft Artillery at the Artillery Division
Self-propelled Artillery Skill - Supporting Fire
Increases DMG dealt to Tank units by 50%. When the highest level Bomber attacks, all friendly Self-propelled Artillery units attack the same target once.
Anti-aircraft Artillery Skill - Flak Suppression
Targets Aircraft units first. Increases DMG dealt to Aircraft units by 50% and reduces DMG dealt to land units by 25%.
Train Fighter Jets and Bombers at the Air Base
Fighter Jet Skill - Aerial Threat
Reduces DMG received from enemy Infantry units by 33% if there are Fighter Jets in your Army.
Bomber Skill - Carpet Bombing

Targets the largest enemy unit when attacking. Increases Bomber units’ DMG by 100%, but they can only attack once every two Rounds. When the highest level Bomber attacks, all friendly Artillery units attack the same target once.
Troops have different attributes. Details of each attribute:
ATK - Affects your damage output; increases your ATK to deal more damage.
Movement Speed - Affects your Army’s movement speed on the world map; increases your Movement Speed to make your Army move faster.
DEF - Affects your damage mitigation; increases your DEF to receive less damage.
HP - Your unit’s Hit Points; increases your unit’s HP to reduce Casualty Rate.
Range - Affects your attack distance; the higher the Range value, the further your unit can attack.
Ammo - Determines the number of Rounds your units’ Ammo can last; units with Ammo gain 15% ATK boost.
Fuel/Vigor - Determines the number of Rounds your units’ Fuel/Vigor can last; units with Fuel/Vigor gain 15% DMG RED.

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