Utopia Guardian Cheats: CDKey Codes & 4 Best Tips for Fighting, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Utopia Knights Big Adventures for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Utopia Guardian Tip #1: Alliance.
After declaration, states with the right of ATK or DEF may seek alliance to states with no right to ATK or DEF
-Alliance Time is 19:00—20;00.
The King may spend March Tokens to seek an alliance.
Each state can ally with 1 state only
-Once the alliance is forged, the ally will join the war and claim battle rewards.
-if he war is won, ally will not claim the territory Alliance is effective for the day.
You may also choose not to ally.

Utopia Guardian Tip #2: Fighting.
-Players with a fighting mission may enter the battleļ¬eld by clicking the Global Field 20:00-20:30
-The territory will be determined based on the outcome of the war. Rewards will be sent accordingly
-Each player can claim rewards daily for one battlefield only.

-The Territory will produce Glory 22:00 daily
- Glory will promote the Grade of the State in Global Field.
After each season, the rewards are also determined by the Grade
-Different territories produce different amounts of Glory.
Normally inland territories produces more Glory
Capital and Common Territory:
-Territory is divided into the Capital and for the Common territory, the Capital produces Glory 4 times more than the Common territory.
-Each player of the Capital will also receive an exclusive title
Indigenous Territory:
- Not all territories can be occupied, such as those that belong to indigenous people
- Territories out the Indigenous people are unavailable for occupation but conquest only
-There's no need for bidding.Conquer War starts at 21 :00 — 21:30
-If there are multiple States conquering the same Territory, rewards will be decided by the Rankings
- Once again indigenous territories cannot be occupied conquerors will receive less rewards

Empty City.
- An Empty City is an unoccupied Territory
- Empty City requires no bidding. Each state may attack its Territory
-The 1st to win during the battle will claim the Empty City

Utopia Guardian Tip #3: Territory.
- After the war, each Territory will enter Into Immunity
- During Immunity, the Territory will be protected from war
Duration of Immunity is related to the number of occupied territories, which indicates the strength of the State. When a State is stronger, Immunity is shorter

Random Rewards:
-There will be random Rewards in the Global Field every Sunday
Random Rewards include:
- [Hymn of Courage] Glory will double for each fight i
n this Territory
- [Time of Peace] Glory will double during Immunity
- [Expanding] Glory increases 50% when occupying a bordering Territory
- [Fortune Befalls] Glory increases 50%

Utopia Guardian Tip #4: Class.
- Upgrade your skills to increase DMG.
- Upgrade may consume Gold or Skill Book.
- Skill Book is available in Arena Shop, which require Honor.

- Reaching Lv.40 to Advance the first time.
- Advance requires Advance Cert.
- Advance will enhance your stats and offer different benefits.
After Advance, Skills will auto promote, and inherit Skill Level.

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