MLB 9 Innings GM Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Team Management, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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MLB 9 Innings GM by Com2us for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad)

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #1: Game Plan.
This is where you decide your team's strategy.
You can set the game plan to match your team character or to match your piayers' traits.

Specific Strategies
Batting Tendencies: Affects the overall swings
Bunt Attempts: Affects the chance of attempting a sacrifice bunt
Base Running Strategies: Affects the base running and the chance of attempting a base steal
Pitcher Management: Affects the timing of switching pitchers
Pitching Strategies: Affects the pitching style (pitch around or go head on)
Focus Pitching: Affects how pitchers contend against batters or runners
Setting Plans: Set the game plan for each individual player

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #2: Player Skills.
A Player Skill will be activated when 3 player reaches Lv. 10 by playing League games.
First activation for the Play Skill is free.
If you want to change the skill, you need to use a Skill Change Ticket or Cash.
Try applying the best skill that fits the players position. Player Skills can greatly increase your players‘ performance.
* The reason why Elite Players are superb is because they can activate an additional Skill at Lv. 20.

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #3: Player Books.
You can check all of the players you acquired at the Card Collection.
You can see which players are currently in your possession.
Players that you've possessed in the past will all be activated.
Check out the attributes of the players you want using the search filter

Wish List
You can put players that you would like to recruit on the Wish List.
Players on the Wish List will be instantly locked when you recruit them

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #4: FA Market.
[FA Market] is a closed hid system and only Rare or higher rated players will appear.
The FA Market opens once every 2 hours and bids will take place for 30 min.
The user with the highest bid will recruit the player that appeared on the FA Market.
The FA Market is a closed bid system. You can only bid once, so please place bids wisely.

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #5: Energy / Ticket.
You can recharge Energy.-‘Tickets to continue playing the game.
A recharge option screen will appear if you want to continue playing when
you're out of energy.
You can use items or Cash to recharge Energy Tickets.

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #6: Friends.
You can play Friendly Matches and check the team information of the users you've became friends with.
Friendly Matches don't require Energy to play.

Champion Match
If your friends team finishes a League, your friend's team will become a Champion Team.
You can play Champion Matches against your friends who became the Champion Team to earn special rewards.

MLB 9 Innings GM Tip #7: Shop.
You can purchase Team Equipment, Cash, and Team Management Funds which will help you to manage your team at the Shop.
Purchasing Equipment will increase the stats of all players on the team.
Try purchasing various Team Items to efficiently manage your team.