Grand Prix Story 2 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Simulation, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Grand Prix Story 2 by Kairosoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Grand Prix Story 2 is a simulation game in which you manage a racing team.

Develop new vehicles, customize parts, train drivers and mechanics to build a racing team which will be ready to take on the whole world.
Game Flow

Give instructions to your drivers and mechanics to train them, and enhance or develop new vehicles.
Enter races and invest prize money into strengthening your team even further to win more and more prestigious competitions.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tip #1: Developing Vehicles.
 Winning a race allows you to construct vehicles of the types which were featured.

 To get even more vehicle types, conduct research or try your luck playing the Raffle.  

■ Vehicles
Vehicles have different stats, attributes and compatible terrain types.
The more difficult to make vehicles will not reach top performance if the development team's abilities are too low level.

■ Development Team
Abilities of your drivers and mechanics count towards your development capacity.
 Your vehicles need fuel for races. Construct a Refinery to produce it.

 Powerful cars guzzle up fuel at an incredible speed, so it's recommended to equip them with fuel tanks.
 Durability is used up during racing. If it reaches 0, the vehicle will break.

 You can give certain instructions to your crew to slightly restore a vehicle's durability.
 Durability can also be fully restored by conducting repairs, which cost Dev Points.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tip #2: Vehicle Parts
Installing new parts has an effect on a vehicle's performance.

As you play the game, you will become able to enhance or upgrade parts from your garage. Enhancing ups performance but increases fuel consumption.
Nitro Boost
Use nitrogen oxide for a speed boost while racing.

Fill up on nitrogen oxide before a race. The speed boost duration and acceleration vary depending on the amount consumed.
Use the speed boost with the right timing for best results.

Research Data
 Obtain Research Data by dismantling vehicles, or as race prizes.

 The data is used for teaching new skills to drivers and mechanics, and for researching new tech.
It can also be used to carry out quick repairs.

 Train drivers and mechanics to raise their stats.

Increases racing speed.

Reach max speed faster.
Quicker repairs.

Able to take turns at higher speed.
Adds to development capacity.

Get more EXP.
Aids in new vehicle development.

Get more Research Data when dismantling vehicles.

Get fans more easily.
About Facilities
 Build facilities by your HQ to benefit from various effects.

 Upgrade facilities to raise their stats and make them more effective.

Facilities need to be connected by a road for their effects to activate.

Plant trees and build statues by facilities to make the environment better, boosting facility effects.

Can be used to store things like fuel.

Build facilities to benefit from their effects.
The effects vary depending on the facility.

Grand Prix Story 2 Tip #3: Crystal Bonuses.
You earn crystals when adding new friends, and also when your friends progress in the game. Go to Crystals and equip orbs to raise abilities of your team.
Game Tips
Besides enhancing your vehicles, it's important to upgrade facilities and do research.

To win multi-part races like Grand Prix, you'll need a lot of fuel, so it's a good idea to upgrade fuel-related facilities. You get a lot of fuel when you rank up. Why not build a tank to store it?

Running out of funds? Entering easy-to-win races may be a good way to earn some cash.

Can't seem to win no matter what? Take a closer look at your vehicles' compatibility with the terrain. If your team's Tech has increased, dismantling a car and remaking it can also have welcome results.

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