Kung Fu Girls Cheats: Codes & 3 Best Tips for Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Kung Fu Girls by MCL Online for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

KungFu Girls Tip #1: Tavern of no Woes.
1. [Activate during the activity] when charge reaches [certain amount] can gain the perk of accessing trust fund savings.
2.The player can choose multiple trust funds to invest in (need to spending a set amount of Scyee to activate) ,
The player needs to invest during [the activity time] , if the activity time has passed then the investment will not be carried out.
3.When the player activates the trust fund, You can go into everyday activity and receive a massive amount of rare item rewards,
All the scyee will be returned within seven days of the investments.
4.On the seventh day, the player can get (the chosen trust fund) ‘s final reward.
5.The player only has [one chance] to choose the trust fund you want,
Please to keep in mind that the type and time of the activity do not go over the time limit.
6. [Trust fund] does not count towards spending points.
7. [Monthly card purchase] does not count towards trust fund activity.
8. lf you forget to claim the prize, we will send you the reward tomorrow by mail.

KungFu Girls Tip #2: Welfare.
1.The second day log in to get ice queen Mount Tian , Third day log in will net you an SSR card Mizong;
2.Log in and get SSR equipment!
3.Large amount of Scyee and rare resources here for you!
4.Log for seven days to get a great character card!
5.When the player reached a certain level, they will get epic rewards and great amount of scyee!
6.The first week of server opening celebration! Everyday log in and get massive amount of bigger and better rare items!

KungFu Girls Tip #3: Discounts.
1.First charge 200% (first time charge in the purchase menu chick on the ones with the ‘double’ icon and open the scyee pack to get double the amount of scyee.
2 First times purchase any scyee pack, will net you the super cute SSR Wing chun! And it will also net you some SR tier treasures!
3.Trust fund Welfare: purchase growth fund and get 50% of Scyee back!
4.Monthly cards: There are two tiers of month card for you to choose, purchase and get rare equipment, You can get back 1000% in total, And both tiers of monthly cards can be purchase at the same time! When the whole server has purchased a set amount the player can get massive amount of scyee and rare items through mail!

Kung Fu Girls Exchange/Activation Code: KFGREWARDS.