Holy TD Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Tower Defense, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Holy Towers Tower Defense by Play Flock for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Holy TD Tip #1: Gameplay.
Remember every day the congregation gives a tithe, so you should collect it regularly to increase the reward! It's updated once a month.
Don't forget to read the scriptures when you meet new enemies or get new towers, this will help you quickly see their strengths and weaknesses.
It is very important to visit the workshop regularly and improve your towers.
And don't forget to collect the reward after your heroic exploits! Never, ever forget about the reward!

Workshop - here you can give orders to engineers to upgrade the towers, with the availability of parts and gold of course.
The characteristics of the tower can be grown, it can become even more dangerous for devils, and do not forget in battle it can be made even more powerful if you pay silver.
Engineers say that another couple of upgrades and they will be able to build a new tower, we must not forget to upgrade the tower when we have enough resources.
Do you want to see some holy ads? This will give us the opportunity to take more towers to the levels for 30 minutes.

Holy TD Tip #2: Change Skill.
You can change skills by either selecting the skill or the equipment part that has a skill.
You can change all 3 skills, or just 1 or 2.
When changing skills, they will never be changed into the same skill.
Even if you change a skill, the skill level won't be reset.
The higher the area, the more the variety of skills of the equipment acquired.

Holy TD Tip #3: Ability per Grade.
You'll acquire the designated Hero of the Challenge when you successfully complete the Challenge.
Use to acquire new Heroes or to activate Heroes with Souls.
Heroes already in possession will be purchased acquired as Hero Souls.

Grade 1 Heroes will be equipped with 1 skill.
The unique equipment item will be activated when Grade 2 is reached.
The 2nd skill will be activated when Grade 3 is reached.
The branch and the military power exchange will become available when Grade 4 is reached.
The 3rd random skill will be activated when Grade 5 is reached.
The skill exchange will become available when Grade 6 is reached. Skills can be exchanged as long as they're the same type and skills can't be equipped duplicate.
You'll be able to Evolve the Hero's item into a Soul Item when you complete all Grade 6 Training.

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