War of Gods: DESTINED Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Gods, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Destined: War of Gods by HRGame for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

War of Gods: DESTINED Tip #1: Clearing Stage Rewards and Raids.
When you clear a Stage you have the chance to receive Weapons as a reward.
You can see a preview of which Weapons you may receive on the Stage start screen.
There is a small chance to receive other quality or types of Weapons.

Sweeps allow you to skip Stages but still get the rewards. Achieving 5 stars on a stage unlocks the Sweep function for that Stage.
You are given a fixed number of Sweeps per day, though you can purchase more with Gems.

War of Gods: DESTINED Tip #2: Draw.
Each time you Draw a Card your Fortune Point meter increases.
Once your Fortune Point meter is full, you have a chance of a Fortune Draw.
A Fortune Draw guarantees that you receive a Gold card and does not add to your Fortune Point meter.

You can Draw one of two ways: by spending Free Draws or Gems.
Free Draws and Gem Draws add to your Fortune Point.
Gem Draw; Higher chance of awarding Gold Cards
Gem Draw: Does not award Iron Cards.
Gem Draw: Adds 10 Fortune Points.
Regional Draw: Awards a specific Ancient.
Regional Draw: Highest chance to receive Gold Cards
Featured Draw: Adds 30 Fortune Points.
Certain Gold Ancients will be rewarded when you have purchased certain amount of Gems.

War of Gods: DESTINED Tip #3: Lineup.
Each Troop type is strong against another Troop type.
Infantry is strong against Cavalry, Cavalry is Strong against Archers, and Archers are strong against lnfantry.
Once you upgrade a Troop to Level 2 you have access to their Specialties, which can be set on the Lineup screen.

Cavalry’s Charge Specialty allows them to deal additional damage, and strike from the right or left.
Archer's Bullseye increases their shooting range.
Infantry’s Bleed makes them especially effective against Charging Cavalry Troops.

During PVP you cannot view your opponent's formations.
After adjusting your lineup, you can select Ally Ancients.
If you don’t have enough Friends to help you in battle, players nearby will be automatically assigned to you.

During battle, Morale will generate over time.
Each Skill requires different amount of Morale.
Ally Ancients’ Skills do not use Morale.
You can choose to use Skills as soon as you have enough Morale for that Skill.
Story and Heroic Stages consume Energy in amounts that increase based on the Chapter you’re in.
You have a limit of 90 Energy, but you can raise the limit in multiple ways throughout the game.
1 Energy recharges every 8 minutes.

War of Gods: DESTINED Tip #4: Ancients Upgrade.
Ancients come in a variety of Types that affect their attributes.
Promoting your Ancient to Quality will improve its growth rate.

Warrnonger: High Strength capacity.
Commander: Good Strength and Vitality capacity.
Support: Good Intelligence and Vitality capacity.
Spellcasters High Intelligence capacity.

War of Gods: DESTINED Tip #5: Weapons.
Weapons can be obtained from Normal or Heroic Challenges, as well as Drawing them with Gems.

There are 5 types of Weapons: Axes, Swords, Spears, Bows, and Staffs.
Each Ancient can equip one or more types of Weapons.
When you remove an Ancient from your lineup, its Weapon will be automatically removed.
Weapons boost your Ancient’s Strength, Intelligence, and Vitality — the higher quality the weapon, the higher its stats.

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