NEVAEH Cheats: Activate Codes & 3 Best Tips for Grinding, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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NEVAEH by EYOUGAME for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

NEVAEH Tip #1: Higher Quality Equipment.
There are 3 main ways to get equipment.
1. Map Levels
(1) The map stage will progressively become available according to the main quests progressive and character level.
The equipment level will be higher in higher level stages.
So do more main quests, level up to unlock higher level stages to get better equipment.
(2) Map stages only drop equipment other than necklace and rings.
Each stage only drop 1 part. So. challenge the stage which give the equipment you want.
(3) Normal stages will drop equipment with purple quality or below 5 Elite stages will drop equipment with orange Quality or below 5 Alter clearing normal stages with 3 stars. the respective elite stage will become available .So unlock and challenge Elite stages to get orange equipment.

2. Honorary Store
Join competitive gameplay (Heroes Battle, Hunterfield, and Ladder Arena) Honor points that can be used to exchange red quality equipment [all-part].
In order to get the top class equipment. be sure to join more competitive gameplay.

3. Guild Store Level up character to Lv 9 to join the guild.
Gain personal contribution through guild donation and guild boss.
Personal Contribution can be used to exchange necklace and rings below orange quality ;
Reminder : (1) The items in guild store will be refreshed from time to time.
So. be sure to act fast and grab what you want ; (2) Home is always the best place to be.

NEVAEH Tip #2: Level Up Faster.
There are 4 ways to get more EXP to level up:

No.1. Main Quest. Sub Quest.
Only can take part Main and Sub Quest 1 time and this is important part of the game.
More EXP gain so don't miss these.

No.2. Training Ground.
Training Ground unlocked when you reach LV 23.
You can repeat this daily with your mercenary to gain more EXP.
Upgrade your warlord now to slaughter in The Temptation.

No.3. Daily Quest.
Daily Quest unlocked when you reach LV 20.
Complete daily quest also effective way to gain EXP.
Don't forget claim your reward for completed quest.

No.4, Stage Map.
Challenge each stage repeatedly it you have enough energy to gain more EXP.
You will gain equipment and patches at the same time

NEVAEH Tip #3: Gold.
Gold is an important resource in the game.
How do we get more gold you say?
Well. there is a great way to get gold.
When the character reaches Lv32. Shadow Dungeon will become available.
In the dungeon. gold will be continuously generated in a timely manner.
The match consists of offence and defense Units.
The offensive can raid other players dungeon for gold.
Transformation is permanent in Shadow Dungeon.
There's no duration limit of transformation here.
For defensive gameplay. you can deploy mercenaries in your own dungeon to prevent other players from raiding you.
The gold will be generated in greater amount with higher level dungeon and mercenaries with higher CP.
Good mercenaries will not only be able to help you fend off enemies. but also generate gold.
Gather more mercenaries and deploy the strongest unit into the dungeon.

NEVAEH Activation Code: nevaehsurprise (limited time only).

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