Charles 2 Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Bosses, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Charles2 Game by 222% Developer for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Charles2 Tip #1: Practical dodging!
Dodge is a practice for how to avoid good play.
You know that if one point is visible, you are not hurt if you can handle them one second after that happens, when you get it.
You have enough time to avoid or get away from training sites.
Do not be afraid of training points if you have no clear path to escape the points that follow you, keep doing it well.
Some enemy points will shoot you in different road styles or projectiles from your weapons. You can follow the rules in your path and think where are the safe paths.

Charles2 Tip #2: Articles.
Elements are very important in the game, it helps you to remove points or help you to save enemy points with different effects such as stun, confusion, backward direction, and others.
It is recommended to put it in the shortest time possible to eliminate the first scary points. Remember, it's easier to dodge when there are some enemy points, so get things as hard as you can!

Charles2 Tip #3: View ads.
You can double, triple or if you're lucky, you can induce your winnings from your last race!
It's most wonderful if you've done it successfully. You can easily upgrade your airplane by looking at these ads to increase your profitability

Charles2 Tip #4: Upgrade your plane.
Your plane has 3 parts, it is the head, the body and the tail.
These three areas can be updated by spending them on your coins.
The first part is your main weapon, it has a common attack direction.
The body part is your secondary weapon, there are other types of attack forms, such as missiles missiles, random missiles and more.
The tail part is your powerful movement, the more you upgrade, the faster your plane.

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