Dance On Mobile Cheats: Gift Coupon Codes & 3 Best Tips for Dancing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dance On Mobile Game by Prodigy Infinitech for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dance On Mobile Tip #1: Attributes.
1. [Withered Soul]
The number of soul value is by final score and the decision is absolute by system admin.
Prefab: Attribute Fans.
Only the emergence of this small icon, dance soul can play a role, no icon, orrdinary key operation score!
2. [Choreo 1]
Characters dance level and Costume, boost the soul value that you get.
The higher the value, The higher souls amount that you got.
3. [Three attributes]
Basic attributes includes characters and clothing bonus attributes, Your attributes will affected.
The attributes are:
Confident: sell-confident skils will lower opponent side and disable them from releasing their skills.
Fame: tame value can effectively reduce the opponent's Soul Dance.
Perception: the higher the Perception, the higher the chance tor player to see through opponent skills, evade it, and disabling those skils on the eflect.
Perceptions do have chance to remove any loses buffs caused by the opponents.
Charm: Every sucoesful Charm wil inoereased the number of soul obtained each round and it wil he lowered on fail attempt.
Talent: accept the length of the magic skills bar. The higher the value talent, the longer the magic bar.
Any skils used will consume magic vclues, when magic point is 0, you cant release any skills even though the other conditions is met.
Using skills will greatly increase your own soul value or weaken your
opponents soul value. Any activation of green, blue, purple, orange skill levels will boast your score, and trigger more powerful effect at that skills.
6. [Comprehensive Strength]
Dance value and the live characters a comprehensive manifestation of the character, wearing different clothing will change the value.
7. [Dance]
Through continuous dance practice in the clcnce hcil, you wil be able to
accumulate dance skils.
8. [Score]
The character is currenfly dessed in costumes.
9. [Popular ceiling]
The current level can be effective in clothing popular degree.

Dance On Mobile Tip #2: Couple System.
- You must be friends first with her/him.
- Increase your intimacy with the him/her (PDKT first story :D), you can increase intimacy by sending gift to him/her from the feature friend list ~
- After your friendship and he/she reaches level 2 intimacy you can confess to marry her/him click Profile> click Couple> search UID it> check its name> then click on Confession.

- Later will appear a selection of love letters that you can send to the him/her, you can choose to use Ordinary Card (50 Ruby) or Luxury Card (100 Diamond).
Let's express your feelings directly in the letter, write as beautiful words as possible! When finished click on Confession.

- Wait for your partner to answer the love letter, if he accepts he will press Accept, if he refuses he will press Refuse.

- When he receives you ... then you have officially become a partner.

- When you become a couple you can increase your Couple Level by sending Gift to your partner. Here's how ...

- In the couple feature, there is a "Keepsake" feature where you can activate "Couple Stone" with just 60 Diamond (at least you should already have VIP 2) and also you can activate "Couple Badge Aura" whose level can be improved, So the aura more beautiful look. Choose a couple badge that suits your person and partner.

Dance On Mobile Tip #3: Garden Features.
You can open this Garden Feature once you reach Lv. 15.
You can open Garden from the Home section. 
The first time you will get 3 Pots for Free ~ Then you can do Expansion or addition of 1 Pot without VIP. 
After your VIP increases, you can do more Expansion.
For Expansion or addition of the next pot requires VIP 1. 
Well if your plants need to flush you, click Watering then all the plants that require water will be directly in the flush simultaneously as well as the Harvest that serves to harvest your crops simultaneously.

Here is an explanation for each of the buttons in the Garden feature.
1. Garden Event
Here you can see what items you have got from the Garden. Oh yeah, other guys can also see you, anyone who helps you water the plants and also who takes your plants.
2. Message Board
Leave your message to the Garden owner.
3. Harvest
Use this to harvest your crops.
4. Watering
Use this to water your plants.
5. Seed
Use this to give seeds to your plants.
6. Backpack
Tap on Backpack to see the contents of your bag.

There are 4 kinds of plants you can plant:
1. Lily Flowers
You can get Drops Coin from this plant.
2. Morning Glory
You can get Action Card Pack. Milk Bottle and Acacia Red Bean from this plant.
3. Rose Flower Seed
You can get various cute fashions from this plant.
4. Jasmine Flower
You can get Exp Card, Ruby and Energy from this plant.

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