Subdivision Infinity Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Ships, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Subdivision Infinity by Crescent Moon Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Subdivision Infinity Tip #1: Drones.
Drones. These Drones will collect resources for you automatically. Each Drone also has a set of abilities that can be unlocked as they are upgraded.

When you build your Drone, you get to pick which Mode it has an affinity to.
Resource Affinity
Increases the level of 'Resource' Mode, makes it easier to collect more resources.
Thruster Affinity
Increases the level of 'Thruster' Mode. Makes your Tap per Boost even stronger!
Subdivision Infinity's Notes : After the Alien first approached me,
the Builder Drone informed me that it could now
build Drones with Starsoul affinity.
Starsoul Affinity
Increases the level of ‘Starsoul’ Mode. Makes it
easier for your Starsoul power to activate.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #2: Modes.
The shuttle comes in different modes, each with it's own special functions!
Resource Mode
Tapping in this mode also allows the Shuttle to collect resources.
The faster you tap, the higher the level of lntercommunication between the Drones, sensing where the resources are for faster collection.
Thruster Mode
Tapping in this mode gives the Shuttle the chance to do Critical Boosts.
Any Drones that I have affinity to Thruster Mode will aid in acceleration and give increasingly more
powerful boosts.
Subdivision Infinity's Notes : It have termed my focusing on the Starsoul as 'Starsoul' Mode.
The Builder Drone tells that any Drone with affinity to the Starsoul helps to fill it up with light even faster. It also makes the Shuttle Skim the Slipstream more effectively.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #3: Advancements.
The Shuttle has a library of possible upgrades blueprints.
However these cannot be built with normal resources, but instead need Exotic Matter.
Each advancement you build can greatly help the efficiency of the operations of the Shuttle across different functions. When possible, build them.

You can find Exotic Matter in various places, but the most common places to find them are near Celestial Bodies.
Most Exotic Matter need to be properly analysed in specific laboratories before they can be used. Unfortunately, shuttles do not carry equipment to analyse Exotic Matter.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #4: Redetermine.
When it appears that Subdivision Infinity cannot easily progress and she starts think so as well, It shall help to redetermine her fate by rearranging matter to back to how it was before she first left Earth.
I'll let her keep her existing Exotic Matter, Advancements, Drone Enhancements, Milestone Perks and Special Drones.
Most importantly, she will be able to make use of the new Exotic Matter that she got from her travels.
She won't remember ever traveling out into space, and will think that the items were in the shuttle all along.

Subdivision Infinity Tip #5: UFO Help.
It can sense when Subdivision Infinity needs major help. It will attempt to help her provided she has GEMs that It can use to power actions.
On occasion It will offer to help her with smaller actions, but only if she wants it. It respect her determination enough not to force help upon her.