War and Magic Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Alliance, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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War and Magic by Efun for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

War and Magic Tip #1: Alliance Tips.
【Resources Donation】
You can donate resources to get Contribution. If you quit the alliance, all the resources you donate and donated items at Storehouse will be cleared. Thus, sometimes Alliance Resource will be a minus. Crystal and Gem can be donated when city hall reaches the required level. You can check donation history at Member-Ranking.

You can ask for help and get soldiers donated by allies. You can click Chat and then click the third button to check the result and Help information of allies.

Some items in game can only be donated to Storehouse. Then allies can exchange for them with Contribution. Sometimes new items will be available at Storehouse after updates.

You can use Contribution here to exchange for items. Some valuable items such as Advanced Teleport Fragment and Hero EXP are available.

Alliance Shop
 【Options for leader and members of higher Rank】
1. Skill Tree: It works on all the alliance members. Only the leader and Rank 2 members can choose to upgrade the trees.
2. Alli Upgrade: Alliance can be upgraded to recruit more members, unlock better Shop items at lower price.
3. Settings:
Open Recruitment: when you open it, other lords will apply for the alliance and join it directly.
City Hall Level Requirement: to improve the efficiency of recruiting members you want, you can set the requirement for city hall level.

War and Magic Tip #2: Hero’s Attributes.
You can purchase temporary buffs by clicking the three gray buttons at the top right corner on Hero page.
There are two kinds of heroes in game: Magic ATK and Physical ATK. Heroes with Magical ATK are recommended to battle with magical units. This can greatly increase force and buffs.
Hero level
There are many ways to upgrade hero’s level.
1. Kill monsters or visit Rock of Age
2. Get Hero EXP items from online reward, Secret Treasure, and packages.
Equipment can be used to increase Hero Star Rating. You can get equipment by: 1. Killing monsters 2. Forging inside City. When hero reaches the highest star rating, you have to upgrade hero’s level first.
Different heroes have different skills. Books are needed to upgrade skills. There are many kinds of books, including Book of Order, Book of Darkness, Book of Templar, and Book of Nature.
Specialty point is needed to upgrade Specialty. The point can be received by upgrading Hero Star Rating.
Units with a star symbol are recommended for the current hero. You can click Autofill to add units quickly. Since units in the three middle slots are vulnerable to attack, it is suggested that melee units are added in these slots.

War and Magic Tip #3: Heroes Guide.
*Rose Mage*
1. Polymorph: Turns enemy unit into a sheep. This sheep can't attack and will return to it's normal form if it takes damage. This skill may fail to work on higher level units.
2. Flame Strike: Single target damage. This skill deals more damage at higher levels.
3. Wrath of the Dragon: Deals massive damage to all enemy units. This skill deals more damage at higher levels.
Book: Book of Order

*Phoenix Knight*
1. Steadfast Defense: Increases defense for all allied units and provides an additional counter-attack each round. This skill is more effective at higher levels.
2. Focused Strike: Deals single target damage, decreases targeted unit's defense for 2 rounds. This skill is more effective at higher levels.
3. Rise From the Ashes: Summons a majestic Phoenix to fight for you. The number of Phoenixes summoned is determined by the death toll of allied troops. The level of the Phoenix is determined by the level of this skill.
Book: Book of Order

*Panda Warrior*
1. Stasis Seal: Seal an enemy for two rounds. Sealed units can't make an action or be attacked. This skill may fail to work on higher level units.
2. Haze: Target enemy's attack will have a greater chance of missing for 2 rounds
3. Drunken Fist: Deals massive damage to up to 3 target enemies
Book: Book of Nature

1. Summon Grizzly: Summons bears to fight for you. The number of bears is determined by the Lord's total attack force and skill level determines the level of summoned bears.
2. Starfire: Attack a single target and has a chance to stun it for one round
3. Rampant Growth: Deals damage and ensnares the area around the enemy unit for 1 round. Ensnared units can attack, but can't move
Book: Book of Nature

1. Blinding Art: Blinds enemy units for 2 rounds. Blinded units can't move; but taking damage will remove the Blind. May fail to affect higher level units.
2. Purifying Smite: Single target damage. This skill deals double damage to dark-type units. This skill deals more damage at higher levels.
3. Holy Light: Heals all allied units, even reviving dead ones. This spell has no effect on dark-type units. This heal is more effective at higher levels.
Book: Book of Templar

*Lafia Priest*
1. Divine Strength: Enhance attack of all the allied units for 2 rounds. This skill is more effective at higher skill levels.
2. Restoration: Heals all the allied units for two rounds. Dark-type units can't be healed with this spell. This skill gives more HP at higher levels.
3. Holy Nova: Heals all the allied units, damages all enemy units and does double-damage to enemy’s summoned units. This skill is more effective at higher levels.
Book: Book of Templar

1. Bloodthirsty Covenant: Give friendly forces the Vampirism ability for two rounds. Upgrade skill level to strengthen the granted Vampirism.
2. Crippling Strike: Single target damage that lowers morale for two rounds. This skill's damage and morale reduction are increased at higher skill levels.
3. Warrior Reanimation: Summon a group of 3 Skeletal Warriors. The total number of Skeletons is determined by the number of killed units of both sides in battle. The level of the summoned units is determined by the level of the skill.
Book: Book of Darkness

1. Toughened Skin: Reduce damage taken by all allied units.
2. Axe of Wrath: Has a chance to deal double damage when attacking a single enemy unit. Upgrade the skill to increase damage and the chance of activating the skill
3. Fury: Lowers the defense of all the allied units in exchange for greater damage. Units also receive an additional counter-attack against the enemy’s counter-attack.
Book: Book of Darkness

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