War in Pocket Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Wars, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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As commander of the "pocket of war," they became more aware of the soldiers and their troops.

First, there are 4 barracks in the game. Different locations can be used to train different soldiers

1-Infantry Barracks
Here you can train rifles and commanders.
(1) rifle team
First-time soldiers arrived on the road and drove the main line. It can automatically go to enemies and fall. Make it good.
(2) Request
A firepower with a strong power can support the front line, which allows you to complete the targets for a short period of time. However, it is very difficult to live long.

2 Barracks
Here you can train the sniper and fire fire.
(1) Sniper
The advanced killer loses first-hand units. Long and slow recharge time offers you the perfect back line.
(2) Flamer
The tactical unit can resist large enemies who suffer from many injuries, especially when working in tear gas. The short story makes it an easy target.

3 heavy barracks
Here you can train MC Infantry and Bazooka.
(1) MC infantry
If high firepower is needed to eliminate enemies, the excellent sky with high firepower and safety is your best choice.
(2) Bazucas
Despite their long recharge times, unit units will quickly break the tanks and buildings according to their goals.

4-Power Factory
Here you can build a medium tank and powerful tanks.
(1) medium tank
Army justice. High agility and firepower provide the value of fighting against big enemies.
(2) heavy tanks
Slow but heavy units are getting more damage to tanks and buildings. HP, DEF and training fees are great for the success of the game in the afternoon.

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