Immortal Thrones Cheats: Coupon Codes & Best Tips for Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Immortal Thrones Tip #1: Events.
You can join Quests which are currently recruiting on this screen.
You can also select Search to search for currently open Quests.
If you have an invite from a friend, you can join by selecting the yellow-green icon to the right of the Town screen.
If someone has shared a party number with you, you can join by entering the 5 digit number in "Enter Party No.".

Select My Quests to select from quests you currently have.
Behemoths you have summoned will be shown.
Select the monster you want to slay to go to the Form Party screen.

You can form a party by choosing either "Private" or "Public".
Select "Let's go!" to challenge the quest.
If you have mutual followers, you can invite them to battle. Simply select "invite" to invite your friends!

Tap Abilities to see currently active abilities.
Select an ability to see its details.
The stronger the total value, the stronger that active ability.

Equip Magi to equipment to activate skills such as attacks, increase basic stats, and recovery.
Select Equip Magi or the equipment's
Magi slot to equip Magi.
Magi has many great effects, so be sure to gather many different types as you temper your weapons!
You can only equip Magi which matches the shape of the slot.

Immortal Thrones Tip #2: Forge.
Go to Boldon's Forge to forge, enhance, and evolve equipment, as well as enhance Magi and change abilities.
You will require many different materials and Magi, so be sure to gather as many as you can through missions, events, and quests!

You can forge weapons and armor by gathering the required materials.
Select "Forge Weapon" or "Forge Armor", then tap the icon of the equipment you wish to forge to see the equipment available for forging.
Tap on any equipment to see its stats and required materials. Tap on "Forge" to forge equipment.
Required materials which are missing will show faded.
Tap the required materials see where they can be obtained.

You can Enhance and Evolve your weapons and armor by gathering the required materials.

Equipment labeled "Evolve" on the details screen can be evolved after you level it up to its max level.
By using materials to evolve, you can add elements and increase the capabilities of your equipment.
By enhancing your evolved equipment, you can further increase its capabilities.

Equipment which has a "Limit Break" button in equipment details can have its stats enhanced or Magi slots unlocked by selecting the equipment's "Limit Break" from "Enhance Equip" on the Forge screen.
Limit Break can be performed up to 4 times per equipment, increasing in speciļ¬c capability each time.
*You can perform Limit Break on equipment by consuming "Rainbow Lapis and "Lapis".
These materials can be obtained by selling Behemoth Tablets and certain equipment.

Sylvie will fuse Magi together to enhance a random Magi for you.
First, choose the Magi you wish to enhance. Then, select up to 10 Magi pieces to use as materials for fusion.
The EXP of the Magi type you use as material for fusion will be granted to the
Magi you wish to enhance, increasing its level.
Magi used for fusion will be consumed.
If you select "Favorite" in Magi details, then you will be unable to sell it or use it for fusion.

Abilities granted to equipment can be changed from the "Change Abilities" option.
Only yellow abilities are changed with Change Abilities. Green abilities are not changed with Change Abilities.
*Be aware that this will change all yellow abilities granted to your equipment at once.

Immortal Thrones Tip #3: Arena, Quest Summon Tickets and Gifts.
The Arena is currently closed, but here’s what you can expect when it opens:
-One-on-one showdowns with monsters
-Exclusively for elite Hunters above Level 50
-Intense competition to reach the top of the Arena Ieaderboard

Use Quest Summon tickets earned through event rewards to try your hand at summoning.

You must have the number of tickets indicated on the Summon screen to obtain hunting quests using Quest Summon tickets.
Quest Summon tickets have an expiration date and will become invalid once the this date has passed.
Quest Summon tickets cannot be used for Magi Summon.

Gifts have an expiration, and will be automatically deleted 90 days after they were sent.
This does not apply to items which have already been received.
Relevant items
- Gems
- Gold
- Material items
- Consumable items
- Lapis
- Summon Quest
*Equipment and Magi do not apply.

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