Land of Fantasy Cheats: Redeem Codes & 4 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Land of Fantasy by GAME Dreamer Limited for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Land of Fantasy Tip #1: Hero Attributes.
Primary Attributes:
Hero's primary attributes are: ATK(attack). DEF(defense), HP(hit point) and SPD(speed).
You can increase herds primary attributes when you level up and change powerful gears.
ATK: The main factor of hero's attack damage and healing power;
DEF: The main factor of herds defense;
HP: The main factor of hero's life;
SPD: The main factor of hero's attack speed.

Secondary Attributes:
Hero's secondary attributes are: Dodge, Hit Rate, Critical Hit, Resilience. Crit Damage. Block, Strike Hit.
Dodge: Increase your dodge chance which can prevent taking damage by 100%;
Hit Rate; Increase your hit rating;
Critical Hit: Increase your critical hit chance which can deal extra damage to the enemy;
Resilience: Increase your resistance chance of taking critical hit;
Crit Damage: Increase your extra damage when you deal critical hit;
Block: Increase your block chance which can prevent taking damage by 50%;
Strike Hit: Reduce the enemy's block chance.

Land of Fantasy Tip #2: Hero Gears.
Gears include 6 parts;Weapon, Chest Armor, Boots, Accessory, Wrist and Ring.
There are 5 levels of gear quality: White, Green. Blue, Purple and Orange.

The enhancement limit of a gear is based on the gear quality.
The better quality a gear has, the higher enhancement limit it will have.
You have to consume Golds to enhance a gear.

You can increase a gear's quality and attributes by gear advancement.
You can receive advancement materials by challenging Guardians.
The enhancement level of a gear will be kept after advancement.
A gear which is below lv.10 cannot be advanced.

Land of Fantasy Tip #3: Inlay Crystal.
Each gear has certain crystal slots and the crystal shape.
You cannot inlay more than 1 crystal in the same color in a gear.
The crystal slots of a gear have the level limit, you cannot inlay a crystal whose level is higher than the level limit of crystal slots.

You cannot use the crystal directly, you have to inlay it in your gear so that the crystal can work.
Different crystals have their effects.
You can recognize the effect frOm the name of crystal.
A crystal has Lv.1 to Lv 10, the higher level means the better quality.

Land of Fantasy Tip #4: Magic Loop.
Magic Loop can increase hero and pet's primary attributes, includes ATK, DEF, HP and SPD.
There are 5 levels of Magic Loop. each level has 8 loops which are individually related to the hero and pet‘s ATK, DEF, HP and SPD.
Each loop has 10 nodes, including 2 free nodes.
You can consume vigor to light up the node and increase hero and pet's power!
The higher level of Magic Loop you are at, you can increase more attributes to hero and pet, but the chance to light up the node is getting lower.

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