Orpheus the Hero with N Cheats: Coupon Codes & Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hero Orpheus by Nikea for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Please note that revisions may be made due to some possible developmental issue. And please refer to the attached photos for better understanding.
1. Schedule
- From Sept 19th 3PM to Sept 19th 4PM UTC+9 (for 60 minutes)
2. Magnitude
Zeus: kingdoms moved by 5
Poseidon: kingdoms moved by 5
Gaia: kingdoms moved by 5
3. Great Temple Resource Yield
- Great Temples now tax cities and villages. And the yield of the resources is determined by the number of occupied villages and cities and the prosperity of the kingdom.
- To be more detailed, the formula is the sum of the yield of all the villages and cities × (active dominions in the kingdom × 10) × the prosperity factor. And the prosperity factor is 0.001 at least and 10 at most. The photos will help you understand.
- The resources will be produced automatically and stored in the Great Temple.
3. Protected Resources
- Now, you can view the amount of protected resources in Storage.
4. Hell Raid Cancellation Bug Fix
- The bug that the leader of hell raid doesn't appear to be have returned after cancelling the raid is fixed.
5. Storage Undestroyable
- Storages are now undestroyable and when your guild declares bankruptcy, the level of Storage won't halved.
6. Hero Info Bug Fix
- The bug that you can't view the hero info when heroes are moving, sent, or supporting is fixed, and you can't move or use items of heroes who are moving, sent, or supporting.
7. Go To UI Improvment
- Go To UI is improved. Now, it stores up to five addresses you recently visited.
8. Improvement
- Visual Novel Suggest a Fix UI is improved.
- The UI now shows what type of equipment reward you are likely to get from hell raids.
9. UI Modification
- Heores who are doing raids can now only be seen in the dispatch list of the dominion they belong.
- In the message UI, the positions of Accept and Refuse button are switched.
10. Bug Fixes
- The bug that the tax is wrongly displayed in the UI after using an item is fixed.
- The game won't crash anymore when the quest list is refreshed while receiving rewards.
- Now when receiving heroes from messages, the game will properly check your hero limit.
11. Ended Events
- Get a New Hope!
12. Starting Events
- It's Somewhat Faster!