Flick Arena Cheats: Best Tips for Arenas, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Flick Arena by Sweet Nitro for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Personally, I would like to get guild fragments elsewhere than in the safes because I'm still in crisis about them. If someone has tricks to pick more, I take .. I notice that some are more than 800 fragments given in the space of 2j ...

Practical (and statistical) questions. Is the stat of having a legendary in a chest communicable? And what about having a "special" chest?

A small criticism of the balance of the opponents, since to fall on people of more (or less) 800 trophies causes an imbalance on the level of the cards and is not "profitable" in terms of gain or loss of trophy on the personal plan. After that, there are surely not enough players to be able to find a person closer to our level, I am aware ...

Besides, always on this subject, I find it a shame to limit the donation to a fixed number of fragments in stock. I rephrase (I do not think I'm clear): I have 4 fragments in stock, there is a request for a card by a member of the guild. I am 3000+ trophy, and I give by 6. So I can not get rid of the 4 fragments that remain to me, and I have to wait for unlocking a chest to re-give.

The critics of this message may be considered as such only by me, and I think that everything is wanted. Some techniques are waiting to be discovered visibly Encore bravo for this game!

Edit: Last thing, would it be possible to include a "pub" for this link on the game? This would surely allow many to share his experience, or at least some more returns? At least, make an announcement somewhere ...

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