Tiny Builders Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Mining, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tiny Builders by Mindstorm Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Everybody wants fast & effortless earning. This may not be the simplest of the tasks in today's world. So, let us take you back to the world of dwarves and dragons.

“Tiny Builders”- brings to you, your very own minefield. All you have to do is TAP TAP TAP and you will be a BILLIONAIRE in no time

Summon those builders, mine that mineral, grow you town and earn Gold Coins by selling the gems and minerals in the market.

Tiny Builders Tip #1: Gameplay.
Tap & Summon:
Tap the grey highlighted area which contains the image of the dwarf helmet inside, just above menu icons, with as many fingers as possible to summon the dwarves.

The faster the tapping, the more dwarves are summoned.

Ruff (the dragon) scares them off to the Mine shaft, where they start mining variety of minerals and gems. Trolleys carry out the minerals to the train station from where they are transported to the market and Gold coins are earned in return.

 Tip> Make sure to increase the summoning rate and the capacity of each station and mine shaft on the town by performing related regular and premium researches.

Tiny Builders Tip #2: Offline Mode.
The ads that give out the rewards will not be available to you in the offline mode. Also, your progress will not be saved on the cloud servers. So make sure that you are signed in to your account when you return to your town.

Tiny Builders Tip #3: Mine Shaft.
 Mine shafts are the caves where the dwarves flee, to hide from the dragon. There are maximum of four Mine shafts that can be put up in the town.

As the maximum capacity is reached, an upgrade notification appears. Click on the notification or directly click on one of the mine shafts to upgrade.

Bigger the Mine shaft > more Miners > Faster Earning 😉

So make sure to increase the capacity of the Mine shaft by upgrading it or performing the relevant regular and premium researches. (Mine Renovations, Stoping Support etc)

The speed of the builders can also be increased by performing relevant researches. (Well Fed builders etc.)

TIP> Reduce the cost of Mine shaft and researches to 50% by buying the permits from the shop.

Tiny Builders Tip #4: Gold Coins.
It is the basic game commodity and must be spent smartly in order to multiply that stash of Gold Coins.

What to spend it on?

Well, to set up a dream building business, the Mine shafts  need to be upgraded so more builders can mine.

More train wagons need to be hired so more minerals can be carried off to the market and Vaults must be added, to store more Minerals.

The Gold Coins can help in all these things. Not to forget, the RESEARCHES!!

The more Gold Coins spent on Researches, the faster the earnings grow!

Tip>Tap that flying bird to get a surprise gift drop!

Tiny Builders Tip #5: Dwarves Mine.
The minerals are taken to the train station from the Mine shaft, by a trolley.The train transports them to the market from the station and Gold Coins are earned in return.

At the start, a maximum of four wagons can be hired on the train. More wagons can be added by performing the relevant regular researches. (Getting Hitched etc)

The Gold Coins are only earned by transporting minerals on the train. So make sure to hire more wagons and increase their capacity through the researches.

 TIP> Reduce the costs of vehicles to 50% by buying the vehicle permit from the shop.

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