World of Prandis Cheats: Codes & Best Tips for Worlds, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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You can now get a variety of Supply boxes through quests.
Supplies box contains various useful items including equipment.
All quests have been reset for the new Supply box.
Various quest progress bugs have been fixed.
Skeleton monsters have been added
Skeleton monsters are first appearing at level 20 in the Feminine camp.
Now unexplored areas will appear as silhouettes.
More than 300 sub-regions have been named.
Reduced frequency of sending and receiving packets from the server.
So, data consumption will be smaller than before.
Many skills have changed.
Now the role of each stance becomes clearer.
You can find more information on the previous page.
Gold needed to upgrading skills has been greatly reduced.
Now you can more easily see your item information. (At the top of the chat window)
Fixed a bug where occasionally action icons disappear.
You are now in the character selection window during the battle.
Boss monsters have become more powerful.
Boss Monsters now always drop equipment items.
We will be doing additional update tomorrow.
This time will not be long.
Some bugs will be fixed.