Dream Town Story Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Towns, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dream Town Story by Kairosoft Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dream Town Story Tip #1: Game Flow.
In this simulation game you become a town developer.
Build the town of your dreams from scratch, make your residents happy and compete in rankings, including a nationwide ranking held once every in-game year.

Start by building residential houses to have people move into your town.
Next add shops, and then offices where your residents will be earning their salaries.
Also make good use of trees, flowers and various facilities to increase the land values and boost your profits.

Earn trophies to raise the town's rank, which in turn will enable you to further increase the town's population.
If you start running out of space for new buildings, expand your town by acquiring surrounding areas.

Dream Town Story Tip #2: Facilities.
There are many different types of things you can build: residential housing, offices, shops, parks, flowerbeds, public transport stations through which tourists arrive in the town.
Pick locations which offer the highest land value. Keep in mind that facilities which do not face roads will not be used.

Facility Level.
When shops get the right kind customers, they earn experience points needed to level up.
However, you will need to unlock certain levels through research, or using theunlock option.

Land Grade.
As the land value increases, the land grade will also change from 5th grade to 1st grade, improving stats of facilities.

Discovering New facilities.
New facilities which will add more diversity to your town can be discovered in the SHOP.

Equipping Items to facilities.
You can boost facility stats such as land value or pricing through items. It may also be beneficial to increase popularity of facilities near the subway to attract more tourist, for example.

Multiple Facilities of the same type the costs of having multiple facilities of the same type are higher than having different facilities.

Dream Town Story Tip #3: Residents.
What residents you get to move in depends on the land value and coziness of the empty lot on which their house will be built.
The maximum number of residents depends on your town's rank.

Residents HP.
HP is spend on activities such as walking around the town and using facilities.
Residents recover HP at home. The recovery speed is based on coziness.

Residents Stats.
IQ: Affects Chance to get tour vouchers.
Zeal: Affects how often the resident goes out.
Charm: Affects chance to trigger an aura.

Going Out.
Residents do not go to the same shop more than once in a month.
They also visit an office once a month.

Auras are a rare phenomenon.
Residents with an active aura spend more at shops and may get a bonus to their savings.

Move Range.
Each resident has their own move range. Make sure to place facilities within their range. Rides and pets can increase move range.

Residents with stats at a certain level who live in houses with high land value and coziness may do a makeover of their dwelling.
Make sure your residents have nice homes and they'll take it into their hands to make them even better.

Students have no occupation and get discounts in shops. They need to graduate in shops.
They need to graduate first, by frequenting academic facilities, before they can work.

Dream Town Story Tip #4: Other Tips.
Treasure Chests.
Shops give out treasure to customers who meet certain requirements.
Try to have your residents collect lots of it.

Part Time Jobs.
Residents who are short on money can take on part time jobs in retail to earn a bit more.
Not all facilities offer this kind of work.

Discovering Combos.
Placing certain facilities next to each other can trigger combos, which boost the land value of pricing.
Try to discover lots of combos!

Facility compability is indicated with star symbols. If facilities are not by a road, their compatibility may not be taken into account.

Faster Construction.
Tap facilities which are under construction to shorten the time required to complete them . You can further reduce the time needed for the work to finish using legendary items or an exclusive pass.

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