Luna Mobile Cheats: Codes & 4 Best Tips for Leveling, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Luna Mobile by Ipocket Limited Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Luna Mobile Tip #1: Dungeons and Leveling Place
Dungeons - Normal
Each chapter has 9 dungeons, which cost 5 stamina for each challenge. Winning those dungeons can obtain EXP, golds, equipment materials, etc
No 3, 6, 9 are BOSS challenges with great rewards, can join 3 times a day but also can be reset to join more.

Dungeons - Hard
Each chapter has 3 BOSS dungeons, which cost 10 stamina for each challenge. Winning those dungeons can obtain EXO, gold, advanced equipment materials, refined stones, minion souls, etc
Before starting hard dungeons, don't forget to upgrade your equipments and minions!

Nara Habor
Nara Habor has 3 types of dungeons:
Escaped treasure chest monster: Killing escaped treasure chest monster to obtain huge amounts of golds
Pirates' treasure: Breaking dropped big treasure chests to obtain huge amounts of minion experience liquid
Crystal sources defender: Defending huge amounts of monster to obtain huge amounts of awaken materials
Each challenge will cost 5 stamina, everyday can challenge twice for each type of dungeons.

Nara Holy Palace
Nara Holy Palace will challenge your ability of fighting.
Based on the strength of your team, the system will match the opponent, winning the match can get the rewards from the palace. The more stages you win, the more valuable rewards you get.
Review the other team and match the right minions to fight with you
Dead minions won't be able to revive, you can hire minions from friends to support!

Cemetery Exploration
In the Cemetery buried lots of the dead souls.
Party challenges (self matching or system matching) or solo match, you will have a chance to get advanced equipments, magic spirit emblem, and refinery stones etc
Each stage has 4 dungeons, each dungeon cost 4 stamina, the last one-BOSS dungeon cost 8 stamina with great rewards
Each challenge can bring 3 minions but can only use one by one, minions can be switched however;
Explorer shop will cost magic spirit emblem to exchange equipment fragments or items

Luna Mobile Tip #2: Awaken System & Mount System.
Let your character be awaken to activate the power strength of the monster inside the warriors, to become the most horrible god of war!
There are 15 levels of awaken transform. The higher the level is, the more QTE skills are activated with higher attributes.

Riding vehicles in the Luna world is such an unforgettable experience. Various of vehicles will provide faster movement speed and attributes.
Mounts in Luna Mobile. There' re various kinds of mounts which will contribute to the attributes differently. Which one would you love.
Dont forget to join the pre-registration event to get rewards.

Luna Mobile Tip #3: Choosing Career Guidelines.
Each career has deeper development to make differences.
You can choose gender, hair color/style, eyes color/style!
Elf, etc will support the main character as heroes in your own team.

Introducing Assassins
Like the name of the career, assassins are as fast as the light, have great combat ability to end the enemy's life in the shortest time ever.
Next careers to be unlocked at Lv14 and 50 with specific requirements to activate the hit rate, attack power and speed! Be prepared for a monster!

Introducing Mage
Attack from long distance, great ability of the enemy control as well as team-mate healing ✨
Next careers to be unlocked at Lv14 and 50 with specific requirements to strengthen defense and crit damage of the mages!

Introducing Warriors
Easily controlled, great HP and impressive survival ability to become an undefeatable tanker in any battle!
Next careers to be unlocked at Lv14 and 50 with specific requirements to activate the awaken strength of the warriors!

After choosing career, players will start the journey with their own minions.
Minions play an important role in both PVE and PVP support. By recruiting, training and upgrading minions, both battle rate and properties of players will be improved significantly!

Luna Mobile Tip #4: Arena.
This is the real battlefield of PvP, the system will match the most similar component, winning to obtain the honor and stars.
There are 5 stages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Legend. Each has 5 stars, winning to obtain 1 star and losing will minus 1 star. Collecting 5 stars to upgrade to higher stage.
The higher stage you are, the more valuable rewards you get.
Winning a match can obtain 10 honor points, losing will obtain 5 points.
The honor points can be used in the Arena shop to exchange for rare items (hero souls, upgrading materials etc)!
Multi Duel's game play will be cross server 3v3, every battle will last for 300 seconds.

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