Light Chaser Cheats: Best Tips for Enhance, Giftcode Exchange, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Light Chaser by EYOUGAME(USS) for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Light Chaser Tip #1: Enhance Equipment.
Every warriors starts at low level equipment, however it could transform into a high level equipment by enhancing it.
Enhancing equipment requires equipment enhance crystal that can be looted from participating at world boss, daily quest and other events.
Every Equipment has a unique basic attributes and you can improve the attributes by equipment enhancement.

When all of your equipment is enhanced to it's maximum level, another bonus attributes will be activated thus making your current equipment stronger.
However it will be more difficult to enhance because the success rate will reduce every time you upgrade or consume equipment enhance crystals.
The only way to improve your equipment is to enhance it with Equipment Enhance Crystals.

Equipment can have embed slot on it by enhancing it to a certain level. You can put any gem once the equipment has a "embed slot" attribute.
Gems have also unique attributes and if the level of the gem is high, then the gem has more attribute buff than the regular gems.
You can also fuse low level gems to increase its level by one.
Similar to the equipment maximum potential, those gem when maximum enhance will also have bonus attributes, thus the higher the level you the gem embedded, the stronger attributes will have.

Light Chaser Tip #2: Equipment Enchant.
You can also improve your equipment through Equipment enchantment.
You can only enchance an equipment by using an attribute gemstone.
It will improve your equipment overall attributes. Similar with equipment enhance, the higher the level of enchantment the better attribute it has.

There are two types of equipment, ultimate and epic.
Ultimate can be obtain when you have to participate all types of gameplay and events to get perfect equipment scroll and ultimate equipment scroll.
To reach the epic type of equipment is to get your equipment to the maximum level.
The only way to reach the maximum level is to obtain an Epic equipment shard to a certain quantity and you can transform your equipment in to an epic equipment.
You can get epic equipment shard by doing quests and other events.

Once you have an epic equipment, it can be improve it beyond it's limit by engraving God Stria.
Only epic equipment can engrave God Stria. You can obtain it by only participating in C.S 1v1 and other time-limited gameplay.
It's worth the effort on obtaining God Stria because it will improve your equipment greatly.
You can also activate realm attributes when you engrave God Stria, it will produce higher CP bonueses.

Light Chaser Tip #3: Gods System.
1. Intro
The queen prays for the gods to help her rule this land. The gods can march together with the troops, can weaken the enemy’s troop. The gods can also attack the enemy and dealt great damage.

2. Gods temple
he Sky Land opens when lord reached lv.20, then the Gods Temple will be available. You can obtain and keep the gods in it.

Upgrade the gods temple to improve the gods attributes, to unlock new gods, and to increase the level limit of the gods.

3. Gods training
You can upgrade, advance and upgrade the skill of gods.

Upgrade: Use the EXP items to increase the gods level.

Advance: You can advance the gods when they reached lv.10. Advanced gods will have stronger attributes, gain extra attack/defense/HP bonus, and unlock new Divinity.

Divinity: the Divinity will reduce the opponent’s attributes, upgrade the Divinity to improve its power.

4. Gods fight
The gods can lead the marching troop or defend the castle.

The gods will have fatigue time after the battle, and need to go back to the castle to rest. The gods with extremely fatigue state will not participate in the castle defending fight.

Equipment is very important for every warrior. It can be a sword or a shield to be able to attack and defend.
In any rpg games, equipment should be upgraded for it to reach it's maximum potential and be able to defeat stronger enemies.

Giftcode Exchange: eyougame (limited time only)

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