Werewolves: Haven Rising Cheats: Best Tips for Walkthrough, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Get up, werewolves! Discard the shackles of a tyrannical state of the military police. Fight for your package! Fight for your honor! Fight for your freedom!

"Hombres Lobo: Puerto Rising" is an interactive 285,000 word novel by Jeffrey Dean, where his choices determine the story. It is completely text-based - without graphics or sound effects - and is powered by the great, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You are one of fifteen Cubs born in Haven, a government internment, where werewolves are forced to live and work. Having grown up in this hiding place since birth, you have never known the freedom of the desert. You will soon discover that your elders have chosen for a mission that puts you directly in the sights of the military and the radical werewolf!

You are a new type of lupine explorer, your hunting field an urban jungle of steel and concrete. If he could not expedition to a restricted military base, a surprising discovery ignites an escalation of violence and tragedy that will lead his group to similar war hunger.

• Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight or bisexual.
• Stand up against power in opposition to a war criminal or join him in the battle for the supremacy of werewolves!
• Train in the way of the warrior, the shadow or the path.
• Fight your enemies with claws and canines or adopt a non-lethal approach.
• Discover the true motivations of a powerful anti-werewolf-fanatic.
• Discover different potential romances, find love in an increasingly chaotic world.

Once hunted and imprisoned, the werewolves get up again!

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