Crusaders Quest Guide: Tips & Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

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What are the different types of classes?

There's a Total of 6 classes, each class type and characteristics are listed below.

[Class Type and Characteristics]

  • Warrior: Expert in close combat, has a strong close combat skill and physical attacks.
  • Paladin: With a background in resistance using high level magic, it specializes in disarming enemies and protecting allies.
  • Archer: Can attack enemies’ rear and is extremely skilled in continuous attacks.
  • Hunter: Specializes in attacking one opponent.
  • Wizard: Has a variety of function based skills and a strong long range attack.
  • Priest: Has variety of skills such as being able to heal allies‘ stamina's that can help during battles

How can heroes level up?

Heroes can level up only if they gain experienced through all the training levels. After the training
has been completed, go to [Manage Heroes > Level up] and use the selected amount of "Honors" to level up.
Once the heroes levels up, its rank is increased by 1.
Up to Castle 3, when the heroes level up, it stays within the same class but levels up to a random hero of a step higher, From Castle 4 to Castle 6, the hired hero's appearance begins to change

Where do I get a hero?

Heroes can be acquired through contracts at the store, clearing a stage, leveling up, and through quests. Also, heroes can be purchased with gold through nomadic merchants.

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