Dragon Friends: Green Witch Guide Cheats: Hatchery, Magic Recipe and Other Tips and Strategy

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Dragon Friends : Green Witch Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

How does Auto Farm work?
Auto farm is one of the features Farmhouse gives you. Farmhouse unlocks at level 10.
By clicking on the Farmhouse, you can select the auto farm icon. This opens a window
that will allow you to choose which crop your farmers will automatically plant
whenever an empty farm is available. To turn auto farm off, all you have to do is go de-
select the crop.You can change the selected crops or switch the feature off at any

How to use the Hatchery‘?
The Hatchery is where you incubate Dragon eggs. Each egg is unique to the kind of
Dragon that is within it, except the Mystery Eggs, which conceals the identity of the
Dragon within it until it hatches. See our Dragon Egg guide on Facebook to identify
which Egg you have.
Upgrading your Hatchery will allow you to incubate more eggs at one time.

How to use the Magic Recipe?
Magic Recipe is a special building which unlocks at level 10 and provides you with
special Magic feature.
With the Magic Ingredients from Dragons and Buildings, you can make various magics
through Magic Recipe. Below is the detailed information.
1. Magic Ingredients
- Dragons: Element Crystals (Tree, Water, Wind, Earth, Cold, Fire, Metal, Lightning, Bare)
- Buildings: Paper, Cinnamon, Dried Lizard, Beetle, Prism, Sulfur, Honey Jar and etc.
- Crops: Caterpillar
2. Magic Recipe
- Create Gem, Gold
- Upgrade Magic Ingredients storage
- Blessing restoration
- Lucky Potion (Use Fortune Wheel once more with no cost)
- Increase Chances of breeding rare Dragons.
Be reminded that storage slots are limited. You can discard the ingredients you do not
need or use related recipe to make more space.