Historia Guide Cheats: Formation, Equipment and Other Tips and Strategy

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- You may equip, unequip, or enchant equipment for heroes here.
- Equipment have levels ranging from 1 to 50.
- Equipment cannot be equipped if it is at a higher level than the hero.
- Equipment have grades ranging from Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
- Higher grade equipment are stronger with stats are increased.

Hero Information
- You may view detailed information on a Hero here.
- Heroes go under the Knight, Archer, Wizard, or Aide classes
- The basic elements of a hero are Strength, Dexterity, Technique, Intelligence, and Stamina.
- Strength: Determines Physical ATK and Physical DEF,
- Dexterity: Determines ATK Speed. Determines Physical ATK for Archers.
- Technique: Determines Skill ATK and Skill DEF.
- Intelligence:Determines Magic ATK and Magic DEF.
- Stamine: Determines HP.

- You may manage your troop and edit the formation here
- Strategically position your heroes for battle.
- It's usually best to place Knight heroes in the front.
- Archer and Wizard heroes should be placed at the back, considering their range.
- Aide heroes do not have range. Place them in a safe location.
- You may change the troop leader.
- The leader will use their leader skill at the start of each battle.
- It's best to designate heroes with good leader skills as the leader.
- Please note that there are heroes without leader skills.
- You may use Gold to increase the troop size.
- You may also put the same hero in multiple troops.