HOME Boov Pop! Guide Cheats: Abilities, Lives and Other Tips and Strategy

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HOME Boov Pop! for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

What are the Character Abilities?
You can purchase, unlock and choose multiple characters from the HOME: Boov Pop! universe to help you along the way.
Each Character Ability requires a different number of matches to become active. Each character has a unique Character Ability.

Oh's Character Ability
l. When you activate Oh's Character Ability, Oh changes color.
2. With timing, try and tap to line up with the color you want to clear. When you tap, Oh throws his
Gravity Gizmo.
3. Once gathered, all bubbles collected from the Gravity Gizmo are removed from the gameplay.

TIP's Character Ability
1. When triggered, Tip starts using a Boov device.
2. At this point, bubbles start changing color in sequence.
3. Time your tap and a maximum number of bubbles will change color to help you out.

Captain Smek's Character Ability
1. When you activate Captain Smek's Character Ability, an opening and closing fan appears.
2. Tap the screen Captain Smek throws his Shusher.
3. Whichever bubble the Shusher hits gets turned into a power bubble.
4. Tap when the fan is at its maximum for a maximum number of power bubbles!

Basic mechanics
1. Draw: Tap, hold and drag your finger across bubbles of matching colors.
You can redraw over originally drawn bubbles to create bigger matches and clusters.
2. Match: Draw 3 or more bubbles that match in color and are connected.
3. Release: Remove your finger and the match is made. Matched bubbles are removed sequentially
and rapidly in the order they were drawn. Points are awarded as the bubbles are removed.

What are Power-Ups?
Each power-up is identified by a circular icon at the bottom of the screen. There are 3 Power-Ups:
1. Rainbow Power-Up: Regular bubbles (including different sizes) turn into a rainbow bubble.
If the bubble color was required as an objective, the bubble that was transformed is considered collected.
2. Cross Blast Power-Up: When activated, bubbles are removed from the board in a cross (horizontal and vertical) pattern.
3. Magnetic Power-Up: When this power-up is activated, you can draw a match as normal. As you draw a match with magnetic, all neighboring bubbles to this match are removed.
Once the match is complete, all affected bubbles are cleared from the board along with the neighboring bubbles.

What are Lives?
The Life Pool is located on the top left corner of the screen while not matching bubbles. Lives are lost if a level is failed or if you quit before completing the objectives.
There are 3 ways to earn more lives:
1. Play the Wheel of Smek
2. Refill Lives
3. Ask friends on Facebook for Lives