East Legend Guide Tips: Heroes, Level and Skill Strategy

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East Legend Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Manage Heroes
You can check the status of your heroes.
You can place the heroes to use for battles in the formation slot on the left
The hero can placed in the first slot is the leader hero.

Hero Power-Up
You can strengthen your Heroes by using Normal Heroes and Power-up Heroes.
You can Power-up up to Power-up Lv +5 and Combine or Evolve Heroes with Power-up Lv. +5.
Power-up Heroes are available in the Treasure Dungeon and you can also use Normal Heroes as material.
Your success rate increases if you use Heroes oflhe same attribute

Hero Level Up
You can increase the Hero's level by using EXP Gems or Normal Heroes.
EXP Gems are available from the Treasure Dungeon and grants more EXP than Normal Heroes.
You can get more EXP by matching the attributes of the Hero and the material.
The amount of EXP changes according to the material Hero's level so it's betterto use Heroes with high levels as material.

Hero Combination
You need two Heroes of the same Star Grade with Lv 30 and Power up Lv +5 to combine
You'll get a Hero that's a grade higher than the used Heroes with Combinations.

Hero Skill Power-up
You can Power-up Hero's skills using skill points.
You get 1 skill point every 5 minutes and you can have up to 10 skill points.
You can Power-up passive skills up to Lv 50 and active skills can be
Powered-up up to the Hero's Max level.

Hero Evolution
You can Evolve Heroes to the next grade when they reach MAX Lv and Power up Lv +5 using Soul Stone.
The attribute of the Soul Stone and the Hero to Evolve needs to match
Soul Stones are available from Evolution Dungeons and the required amount of the Soul Stones vary according to the Hero's grade.

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