Rival Kingdoms Guide Tips: Buildings, Attack and Defense Tricks Strategy

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Rival Kingdoms iPhone/Android Game Guide

For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Use gold to upgrade Defenses.
Gain gold from Gold Smelters and from raiding other players!

Diamonds can instantly complete buildings, and can be used to purchase Gold, Rings and Battle Stones.

Battle Stones
Battle Stones are used to battle against your enemies you spend one every time you attack.
You'll get a new Battle Stone every 20 minutes up to the maximum number.
They can also be found in Chests.


  • Attack:Train Yards and Troops
  • Defense: Defend your Stronghold
  • Production: Get gold faster!

Attack Buildings

  1. Troop Portal: Allows you to bring more squads into battle.
  2. Barracks: Upgrade your Barracks to unlock new troop types
  3. Dragon Roost: The assigned Dragon Ancient will join battles. Enhancing your Dragon Ancient with Primus raises its statistics, and upgrading this Dragon Roost reduces special attack cooldowns.
  4. Blacksmith: Use the Blacksmith to upgrade your troops
  5. Kingdom Portal: Allows you to fight with troops donated from other commanders in your Kingdom

Defense Buildings

  1. Watch Tower: Defends your Stronghold with accurate and powerful arrows
  2. Wall: Shields buildings from attack to slow down invading forces.
  3. Spell Tower: Uses the power of your favorite Ancient to defend your Stronghold. Change your Ancient to change the power.
  4. Catapult: Deals area damage to invaders.
  5. Skywatcher: Fires numbing poison attacks at airborne units.
  6. Primus Conduit: Increases the firing speed of adjacent defenses when charged.
  7. Bunker: Spawns Soldiers continuously while attackers are near.
  8. Arrow Launcher: Causes rapid multi-point damage to invaders.
  9. Flare Tower: Deals high damage to a single target. It also draws power from enemy Ancient spells, which cause its attacks to ricochet.

Production Buildings

  1. Gold Smelter: Produces gold for you to harvest.
  2. Builder: Allows you to construct and upgrade more buildings simultaneously
  3. Gold Storage: Stores your gold. Upgrade and build more for greater capacity.