Fun Hospital Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Running a Hospital, Challenge, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Fun Hospital Tip #1: Running a Good Hospital.
You should focus on the following points:
-Build necessary rooms and facilities to make sure your hospital is running smoothly.
-Maintain a capable team of staff members and equip them with strong items so as to deal with more kinds of patients.
-Pay attention to the status of both patients and staff members, and try your best to keep them in good condition
-Handle all kinds of cases happened in your hospital, like a resignation, emergency cases and so on.

Fun Hospital Tip #2: Expanding the Hospital.
Once you reach level 10, you have the possibility to buy additional land slots in order to obtain more space for your diverse operational activities.
Blue, orange and purple vouchers are needed for a land expansion.
The number of vouchers needed depends on the size of the slot and is indicated once you tap on it.
The numbers on the left indicate how many vouchers you have, the numbers on the right indicate how many you still need.
You can acquire the vouchers by curing certain kind of patients, or purchase the missing vouchers by clicking on the + icon.
Using the second option, you will be immediately able to expand your hospital.

Fun Hospital Tip #3: Hospital Ranking.
High Rating is ranked according to hospital rating, which influenced by: hospital level, number of rooms, employees, and visitors, cures, deaths, and left patients.
The higher the cure rate, the higher the ranking.
High Level is ranked according to hospital level.
Rich List is ranked according to the cash. It is recorded when you logout the game.

Fun Hospital Tip #4: Technology.
When a treatment room is unlocked, you'll have a new technology in Technology Research. You can upgrade technology to discover more diseases, which means you can cure more kinds of patients.
You can find Technology Research near the first plot of your hospital.

Fun Hospital Tip #5: Complete Challenge.
When challenge begins, stage aims will be shown on the top of the game screen, you must achieve both of the two aims to complete the challenge.
According to the finish time you'll gain different stars and rewards.

Fun Hospital Tip #6: Challenge the same stage repeatedly!
You can keep challenging the same stage to get multiple rewards. The HEARTS represent how many times you can do challenge today, and you'll gain 4 new hearts for each day.
Challenge the stages to get better records and compete with your friends!

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