Legion of Warriors Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gems, Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legion of Warriors Tip #1: Importance of Gems!
Gems are very valuable currency in this game!
You can buy troops, use lottery and etc by using gems!
The best way to use your gems is to exchange it with coins.
Earning coins is difficult if you earn it through battle and watching a video ads.
Coins is very essential to upgrade your Heroes, Pets and Soldiers.
You can get a lot of coins if you exchange it with gems. Fortunately, it is easier to earn gems compared to earning coins.

Legion of Warriors Tip #2: How to get Gems?
There are 4 ways to earn free Gems!
1. Successfully win a single stage.
2. Watching a Video Ad.
3. Completing Missions.
4. Collecting 45 stars for a single map.

Legion of Warriors Tip #3: Heroes.
Heroes are the best characters in the game.
You can win a battle with an Upgraded Heroes easily without relying on Pets and Soldiers.
Heroes can be upgraded without level limit unlike Soldiers which it has level limit.
Soldiers can be evolve by accomplishing its pre-requisites.
However for every upgrade to your heroes, you will gain a lot compared to upgrading and evolving your Soldiers.
Heroes in this game are to powerful already and it is very much easier to improve them.
You can also evolve Heroes as well, the difference is that heroes can be upgraded without level limits.
Pets can be upgraded without level limit, however their stats are very low and their upgrade is also very minimal compared with Heroes.

Legion of Warriors Tip #4: Heal.
Heal Abilities will help your troops specially your heroes survive from enemy attacks.
There are three troops that has an ability to heal other troops, Legolas, Purple Elf 2 and Maria.
Legolas is hero that can be obtained by finishing the map 1.
Purple Elf 2 is a support troop that is available when bought or obtained, she can heal your troops similar with Maria.
Maria is a support troop that can be rent by renting it with 200 coins per stage.
Legolas when upgraded, his healing ability will also improved.
You should have Legolas in your Hero Line Up. His Heal will help your other Hero survive specially if it is a melee hero.

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