Light: Fellowship of Loux Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Runes, Evolution, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Light: Fellowship of Loux by Com2us and Polygon

Light: Fellowship of Loux Tip #1: Classes.
Combines Classes to place 5 Heroes in a team an you'll be able to get the Formation Bonus according to the short-range and long-range Classes you've.
Long Range, Magic and Support Heroes in the Back.
Defense and Short Range Heroes should be placed in the front.
The Effect will vary according to formation so make sure to strategize your team formation.

Light: Fellowship of Loux Tip #2: Attribute Relations and Skills.
Strategize your Battles by Utilizing the Attribute Relations!
The Battles will become easier when you utilize the Attribute Relations.
Tap on the Hero Icon when you have full Energy to use the powerful skills.
Drag the icon and you'll be able to use the skill on the target of your choice.

Light: Fellowship of Loux Tip #3: Evolution.
You can strengthen yourselves by using other Heroes or Monsters.
You can also Evolve to be able to become stronger!
But remember, you'll be back to Lv. 1 when you go through the Evolution.
You'll be stronger than ever when you're Evolved.
Heroes can be Evolved by using a Hero of the same grade as a material when the Hero reaches the MAX level.

Light: Fellowship of Loux Tip #4: Hero Level.
Use the Hero of the same Attribute to get 1.5 EXP!
You'll also be able to get more EXP by using Eggies, a special material.
You need Heroes of the same grade x(number of stars) to evolve a Hero when the Hero reaches the MAX Level.
The Hero's stats will increase and the Hero's appearance will change once the Hero's Evolved.

Light: Fellowship of Loux Tip #5: Runes.
Runes have different names and different effects according to their runes.
You can equip up to 4 runes and get Set Effects by equipping a set of 2 Runes.
You'll be able to get a strong Set Effect by equipping a set of 4 Runes!
Runes will get secondary stats when they reach Power-up Lv. +4/+8/+12 and the major stat will be increased greatly when they reach Power-up Lv. +15.
Premium, Heroic, and Legendary Runes will possess secondary stats according to their grade.

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