Flyff Legacy Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Diamonds, Runes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Flyff Legacy for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Flyff Legacy Tip #1: Whats Ultimate upgrade?
The item that you have can be upgraded through Ultimate upgrade.
Ultimate upgrade system allows to upgrade the item rarity.
Come to Boboku for an Ultimate upgrade. You will also need Oricalcum and gems.

Flyff Legacy Tip #2: Whats the "Character growth" system?
Character growth is an average goal of what your character's level can be upgraded to.
You can check how much your character can be stronger through this system.

Flyff Legacy Tip #3: What's item Fusion?
If you have 3 identical items, come to Boboku to level up your equipment's tier.
All you need is 3 identical items and some gold to have a 100% chance of upgrading your item's tier.

Flyff Legacy Tip #4: I want to get diamonds.
When diamond service goes into official release you can get diamonds. Also by selling rare items at the auction you can get diamonds.
Soulbound diamonds can obtained through ingame quests, different events and Gouthan mountains.

Flyff Legacy Tip #5: Where do I get good high tier items?
There are item tiers from 1 to 6 and several rarities divided into Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Legend. The higher the tier and rarity is the better your item will perform in combat.
There are several ways to get items!
1. Drop from monsters.
2. Items obtainable from auction that other players are selling.
3. Items obtainable through quests.

Flyff Legacy Tip #6: Where do I get runes?
Runes drop at a certain rate in Story dungeons.
You can also get them while clearing Tomb of Ankou and La Christiana.

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