Shadow Battle Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fighting, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Shadow Battle for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Shadow Battle Tip #1: Controls and Range.
To move your hero, just tap any where in the empty space including flying.
Look for the lightning icon that can be found the bottom right as it will indicates in which action is available at the current range.
It will shows a lightning bolt, which means you are in the range of using ranged skills.

Shadow Battle Tip #2: Skills.
Press on the enemy and hold for a few seconds till the bar is fully charged, then release to use skills.
Skills and flying need mana. To regen quickly, press on your hero till your mana is full.
Mini shield will be used whenever projectiles were about to hit.
A max-power shot of 2nd and 3rd skills will knockdown the victim.
To track your target, press on your enemy and move your finger to wherever you want to aim at.

Shadow Battle Tip #3: Shield.
Double tap on yourself to activate your sonic shield.
But it will last for only second, then the boring cooldown begins.
If you time it right, it can knockdown nearby enemies and block incoming projectiles!

Shadow Battle Tip #4: Dash Attacks.
To do a combo of melee attacks, you will need to move closer to your opponent.
You can use a Dash Attack to counter that.
To perform a Dash Attack, first you need to get to the dash range.
At critical times this technique may also save your life.
Good luck in the real battles!

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