Viber Infinite Racer Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Cars, Scores, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Viber Infinite Racer for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Viber Infinite Racer Tip #1: How to get scores?

You can get scores by surpassing cars, destroying cars, and Close Call in the race track, or Gas Station. The further you drive, the higher your scores.

Get as many Close Calls as possible to get a higher score. Consecutive Close Calls trigger Combos, rapidly increasing your score.

Viber Infinite Racer Tip #2: Why mod Race Cars?

Acceleration: Affects time for Race Car to increase SPD. Max SPD: The higher your max SPD, the faster the Race Car is. Fuel economy: Affects max distance that Race Car can drive. Load: Guarantees stability. Cars with larger load have less influence on SPD after crashing (R car).
How to level up race cars?

Race cars are divided into four levels, from the lowest C, B, A, to S, the highest. Advanced cars have better performance. When Acceleration, Max SPD and Fuel economy of C, B, and A race cars are modified four times, the cars can be leveled up.

Viber Infinite Racer Tip #3: What is Friend Bonus?

Claim Coins from friends who earned 20k scores in daily ranking and logged in on the current day. The higher your friends' scores, the more Coins you can claim. You may collect Friend Bonus up to 30 times per day.

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