All Star Quarterback 17 Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Plays, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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All Star Quarterback 17 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

All Star QB 17 Tip #1: Play Selection.
At key points you will enter the action.
If you have unlocked the play, you can play it.
You can also audible by spending training points.

All Star QB 17 Tip #2: Game Controls.
The risk button adjust the plays the coach picks.
Low risk equals short plays, high risk equals longer plays.
The speed button controls the speed of the game.

All Star QB 17 Tip #3: All Star Quarterback Gameplay.
In ASQB you manage the life of a rookie QB by balancing the stamina you use with the money you earn from playing games.
Train to earn training points.
Spend training points to unlock new plays.
Buy lifestyle items to recover stamina faster.

All Star QB 17 Tip #4: Training.
Training earns Training Points.
Training Points are used to unlock and upgrade plays.
Auto train is available with a fitness coach from the staff tab of the store.

All Star QB 17 Tip #5: Playbook.
The playbook screen contains your plays.
Spend Training Points to unlock and upgrade plays.

All Star QB 17 Tip #6: Social.
The Social screen lets you know your popularity with key people in your life.
Keep the happy by using stamina.
To extract with the regularly.

All Star QB 17 Tip #7: Sponsors.
Sponsors pay a bonus each game.
Keep the happy by or they'll drop you.
Lifestyle sponsors will only be attracted to your when you've got a partner.
Increase your fame level to unlock new partners.

All Star QB 17 Tip #8: Lifestyle Overview.
Lifestyle items off you bonuses after each game.
Buying them is key to balancing your stamina between games.
Lifestyle items will also increase your fame ore quickly and help you attract a partner.

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