My NBA 2K17 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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My NBA 2K17 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

My NBA 2K17 Tip #1: Enhancement.
Enhancement cards permanently raise the stats on a Player card. RARE-+ Player cards have 1-2 slots for Enhancement cards.
Pro cards add one more Enhancement slot.

Enhancements drop from the Daily Picker.
The Daily Picker contains Enhancement equal tn your quick.
Game Tier, and 13 less rare Enhancements.
You get one free pull from the Daily Picker every day.

When a Contract is signed the resulting Pro card retains all of the Enhancements on the main card and gains an additional slot.

My NBA 2K17 Tip #2: Abilities.
Abilities make your Players more powerful by sometimes adding stats tn your Players for the

Abilities have a chance to activate whenever the Player is played during a game [Season or Quick Games].
The Trigger % shows the likelihood the Ability will activate.

The Trigger % is based an the Rarity of the Player.
Specializations increase the Trigger % when you use a player in a game event that matches their Specializations.

Each time an Ability triggers, a Charge is used.
When no charges are left the Ability disappears

My NBA 2K17 Tip #3: Specializations.
Specialization increases the specialized stat's values, and raises the chance-the Ability will trigger.

Specializations can he improved with Specialization Upgrade cards.

3 upgrades are possible for non Pro Player
Specialization levels and 3 more for Pro Players
Higher levels increase the Trigger % benefit an Abilities.

A Specialization Upgrade increases the level of all Specializations an a card.

Stats can be Stat Charged to increase their value by using other Player cards to power up your Player.
consuming them in the process.

A Player's Specialization determines which stat they Charge up an another Player when used to power up that Player [e.g. Offense Specialized Players can Charge up Offense on another Player].

A stat will remain charged until the Charges Left reaches O.
You can always refill it at any time up to the maximum charges.

Charges decrease with every Quick Game and Season Game played.

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