Blaze of Battle Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Blaze of Battle for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Blaze of Battle Tip #1: Knights.
Knights are leaders of your Army.
Almost every military action that you perform with Troops will be guided by a Knight. The army automatically benefits from that Knight’s bonuses, which in turn depend on his or her level.

Knights assist you in your rule.
Every Knight can be assigned a position of responsibility in your City by tapping the Position tab in your Noble Hall and assigning your available Knights.
These positions are Logistician, Engineer, Magician and Commander.

Once a position is occupied, it will grant your City a certain bonus, which depends on the Position itself and the level of the Knight.
Please note that Knights expect to receive payment for their Services!
The higher their level, the more Gold they expect.

Blaze of Battle Tip #2: Dragon Boosts.
Dragon Boosts can be obtained in the Monster Skills menu from the Dragon.
Also, you can use special equipment for your Dragon and inlay powerful crystals on it.
 All these features will increase different characteristics from your Dragon.
Furthermore, there is a special category of Magic to improve your Dragon's performance.

Blaze of Battle Tip #3: Force Value.
Force is an important value because it will always give you a general indication on a player's power so that you can compare it to your own.
However, please note that the Force value does neither take into account Bonus effects from Items or other boosts that a player might use to his advantage, nor the Alliance that might back him up.
To see the whole Force value of an Alliance, tap on the "Alliance List" button on your Alliance screen.

Blaze of Battle Tip #4: How can I get Materials?
You can get Materials of Dragon Series by attacking Monsters on map and get them as alliance rewards when your allies kill them. Also, both types of materials are available in Gem pack and Event Rewards.

Blaze of Battle Tip #5: How can I get Crystals?
You may get Crystals in the following ways:

  1. Gifts in Gem pack.
  2. Purchasing Crystal Chests in item Shop.
  3. Rewards in Soto Events and inferno Soto Events.
  4. Attacking Monsters or Occupying its Lair.
  5. Occupying Resource Stations.

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