Heroes of Chaos Cheats: Gift Codes, 8 Best Tips for Tower Defense, Guide and Tricks

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Heroes of Chaos for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

1. Fused Heroes increase ATK & DEF.
2. Endo and Exo Heroes must be killed before character is damaged.

Inherit Heroes.
1. Inheriting exchanges the Heroes’ enchantment attempt, levels and training.
2. Enchanted Heroes can be inherited to Unenchanted Heroes of the same or higher grade

Boss Lair.
1. Boss Lair has 7 floors.
2. Defeat the enemies in the first 6 floors to advance.
3. The first 10 teams to reach Floor 7 can fight the boss for DMG rankings.

Elite Boss.
1. Killing Attributes: The Giant Lavalord's attributes go to the team with the player that has the highest Threat level.
2. Threat level is related to player's output. If player dies. Threat level will decrease by half.

Wedding Ceremony.
1. The Weddings‘ content: Wedding Ceremony, Cheers Event, Fireworks and Bouquet Throw.
2. The Cheers Event and Set off Fireworks will add wedding atmosphere, once it reaches the specified number, there‘ll be loads of Presents available.

Twilight of the Gods.
1. Top 40 players in “Twilight of the Gods can enter Apex Battlefield and top 41-200 players can enter "Skirmish Battlefield".
2. Use the “God Ascension" status to turn into a God. You'll receive points every 5 secs for 45 secs, but status will disappear if you are killed.
3. Top 3 players on the points rankings will receive "Champion" status
4. Kill players with special statuses to receive more points.

Ranking Rewards.
1. Ranking rewards are calculated daily between 22:00 and 22:05
2. Improve your best-ever ranking to get Magic Gems.
3. Each challenge uses up 2 Stamina.

Friends Rewards.
1. If two players in a Team are Friends, they can get extra Intimacy points in certain events.
Completing a Dungeon: +35 Intimacy
Urgent Wilds: +15 intimacy! Task
2. Add Intimacy directly by using gift pack
3. If the two players are no longer Friends (eg one player deletes the other), Intimacy resets to zero.

Heroes of Chaos Gift Code: gems1000.

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