Knights Fight Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Coins, Equip, Guide and Tricks

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Knights Fight for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Knights Fight  Tip #1: Coins.
There are 3 Types of Coins:
1. Silver Coins - Obtainable through challenges, arena bets, watching ads and IAP.
Can be used to buy armor, shield and sword. It can be also use as a bet in arena to obtain silver coins and arena coins.
2. Gold Coins - a premium currency which had more value than silver coins. Obtainable through watching ads and IAP only,
Can be used to buy powerful armor, shield and sword.
3. Arena Coins - Obtainable through arena only.
Can be used to buy certain arena equipment only. However those equipment that requires arena coins doesn't mean they are better.

Knights Fight  Tip #2: Challenge and Arena Mode.
Challenge Mode gives huge amount of silver coins IF you defeat your enemy knight. However you cannot get silver coins from an already defeated knight.
You need to defeat enemy knights in Challenge mode because you can unlock certain powerful equipment when you beat a specific enemy knight.
Earning silver coins in Challenge Mode is difficult as you progress since enemy knight are also getting stronger.
You can earn silver coins and arena coins here. However you can also lose silver coins if you lose at arena match.

Knights Fight  Tip #3: Combos.
There are 3 kinds of Combo:
Punch (Kick) -> Parry (Quick Attack) -> Lunge (Heavy Attack).
Basic Attack -> Parry (Quick Attack) -> Punch (Kick).
Basic Attack -> Parry (Quick Attack) -> Lunge (Heavy Attack).
When you hit a combo successfully, the enemy will stumble to the ground. In this state you can hit them with another attack without being blocked.

Knights Fight  Tip #4: Getting Powerful Equipment.
To get powerful equipment available in your shop, buy equipment that cost Gold Coins.
It is recommended to buy Sword with Gold Coins and Silver Coins/Arena Coins for Armor and Shield.
Attack has more value than speed or armor. It is much easier to increase your damage output than increasing your defense or attack speed.
Increasing Attack is cost efficient than the other two thus using Gold Coins to buy sword is a must!
You can get Gold Coins by watching an ads, save them to be able to buy powerful sword! Your extra silver coins must be spend to buy armor and shields.