War Village Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Civilization, Resources, Guide and Tricks

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War Village for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

War Village Tip #1: Civilization Level.
Civilization Buildings are very important element in increasing your civilization level.
Developing your civilization requires a lot of Gold. This is why Mining and Exploring don't give you enough Gold.
Because Plundering other civilization and using the obtained resources is the basis of developing a civilization.
Unlike Exploration, you can only win Plundering battles by destroying the enemy's castle gate within the time limit.
Remember, you will lose if the time limit runs out or if your own Gate is destroyed!

War Village Tip #2: Resource Building.
The Gold Storage is a building where you can store precious Gold. All of the Gold that you obtain comes here.
But you can't store an unlimited amount of Gold. Any Gold which exceeds the storage capacity of the storage is lost.
But don't worry too much. You can increase the storage capacity by upgrading the storage.
the Mine is a precious building which produces Gold on it's own. Even when you're not paying attention to the town, it continues to produce Gold.
The more you upgrade it, the more Gold it produces, so I suggest you keep upgrading it.

War Village Tip #3: Building Information.
Hero Center: A building for managing your civilization's heroes. You can upgrade heroes and manage equipment.
Temple: If you upgrade the temple, you can upgrade your buildings to a higher level.
Barracks: If you upgrade the barracks, you can get more unit slots and unit costs.
Villager's Hut: You can perform multiple tasks if you have a lot of villagers.
Crest Center: A building where you can create and manage crests in a variety of ways, such as creation, dismantling and fusion.