Shards of Magic Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Arena, Guide and Tricks

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Shards of Magic Tip #1: Arena - Solo Arena.
In the Solo Arena, you’ll be able to challenge other players for rewards of Gems, Gold, Honor and items.

1. You have no control in battle while in the arena
2. If the challenger wins, then the challenger and defender swap rankings
3. If the challenger does not win within the round limit, it counts as a loss
4. When challenged, the challenger automatically fields their defensive party
5. Rank rewards are sent by mail every day at 22:00
6. You must wait 5 minutes in between each challenge

Whenever your current ranking exceeds your previous highest all-time Arena ranking, you will receive Gem rewards equal to your current ranking minus previous highest ranking. You will also receive a reward every day based on your current arena rank.

Shards of Magic Tip #2: Arena - Honor Battle.
In the Honor Battle, you'll smack around successive heroes, achieving more and more... honor!If you've got a guild, you'll get even more honor

1. Players will be assorted to a random side
2. The system will begin to count your kill streak starting from your second win.
3. Streaks increase your Honor
4. When a streak ends, streak rewards are given to the victor
5. During the event, HP will not be restored until a player dies
6. After losing, HP is fully restored
7. You can still participate if you go offline during the event

Worried that you won’t do as well as you’ve hoped during Honor Battle? Use Warcry to increase your chances of getting massive kill streaks!
1. Warcry adds 10% damage and HP at a time
2. Using Gems to Warcry succeeds 100% of the time, but Gold can fail
3. You may use Warcry 5 times for a total boost of 50% to damage and HP
4. Warcry is only effective on that day's event

Using a Ghost
Too busy in the real world or worried that you’ll forget to take part in Honor Battle? Activate a ghost to take your place and you’re good to go!

1. Use a ghost to automatically join Honor Battle
2. You receive the same amount of rewards when using a ghost
3. If you use a ghost, there is no need to be online during Honor Battle
4. You can exit Honor Battle or the game without penalty

Now for the good stuff! Here’s what you can get for taking part in Honor Battle:
1. Honor, Tribute, Guild Points are awarded based on kills
2. A player without a guild gets no Tribute and Guild Points
3. Players who lose get fewer rewards
4. Rewards are sent based on points rankings every Sunday
5. Players on the points leader board get gold, gems and gold chests as bonus rewards
6. Members with over 3,000 points will receive rewards

Shards of Magic Tip #3: Arena - Crystal War.

How does getting more Gold and Divinium while smacking around some enemies and other players sound? Crystal War lets you do just that!

1. Players can only hold 1 mine at a time, A mine may be held by 2 hours.
2. Players are able to protect their mine by asking a freind or guildmate to act as a garrison.
3. Other players may attack and steal your mine from you, however mines can't be stolen from 23:50 – 00:30.
4.  If a mine is stolen or abandoned, rewards are calculated only until the moment it was stolen or abandoned.

Searching for mines will display a few deposits which you can capture for Gold and Divinium production:

Standard Mines (Level 38 – 49)

Mine I: 96,000 Gold/hour
Mine Ⅱ: 120,000 Gold/hour
Rich Mines (Level 50 – 100)

Mine Ⅰ: 144,000 Gold/hour, 36,000 Divinium/hour
Mine Ⅱ: 192,000 Gold/hour, 48,000 Divinium/hour
Mine Ⅲ: 240,000 Gold/hour, 60,000 Divinium/hour

Shards of Magic Tip #4: Arena - Knockout.
The great knockout has begun!Battles begin on Monday. Players ranked in the top 64 in personal rankings for Honor Battle will automatically be entered into Knockout.
All players may place bets on battles and receive rewards.

1. A round of Knockout is initiated every day starting from Monday
2. The championship takes place on Saturday
3. Duels take place every day from 19:00-19:10
4. Replays may be watched once duels are completed
5. Rewards will be sent for that day's duels immediately after duels are completed
6. The following day's matches are prepared on the day of at 6:00.


Monday: Top 64 - 32 winners;
Tuesday: Top 32 - 16 winners;
Wednesday: Top 16 - 8 winners;
Thursday: Quarterfinals - 4 winners;
Friday: Semi-finals - 2 winners;
Saturday: Finals

1. The champion will receive the Aristocrat outfit
2. All players may bet on matches and will earn the corresponding rewards
3. All duel participants, regardless of battle outcomes, will receive hero fragments or gear fragments as rewards.

Each bet is 100,000 Gold. Correct bets will return the corresponding winnings. If battles last less than 3 turns, 90% of Gold will be returned.Bets may be placed every day from 6:00-19:00.

Top 64: Limit 10 bets
Top 32: Limit 20 bets
Top 16: Limit 40 bets
Quarterfinals: Limit 60 bets
Semi-finals: Limit 80 bets
Finals: Limit 100 bets

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