Tiny Miners Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Drilling, Crafting, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tiny Miners for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tiny Miners Tip #1: Digging.
Swipe left and right on the Bottom of the Screen to move the miner to the sides.
Avoid Stones and Bombs, they will reduce your health point.
You can DRILL through stones by Swiping down to start drilling. However don't drill bombs, it will explode and hurt you.
The blue vials contain a powerful magic. Collect them to activate a SUPERDRILL.
Digging a mine in a HEROIC mode is harder, but it's worth it. Extra rewards to be gained, heroic-only ingredients to be found.
If you can encounter a CHEST try to collect it. You'll love its contents.
Fulfilling quests will reward you with a super-chest.

Tiny Miners Tip #2: STATS.
Health Points determine how many obstacles you can hit and still finish the mine.
Each obstacle takes down some health points when hit. Although the obstacles have different values.

The "Magic Superdrill" stat determines how long the superdrill will last once the sufficient amount of magic vials has been collected.
For every 10 points in the stat, the duration increases by one second. The final duration is a total of the stat and the mine's magic settings.

Item Durability
The number next to the small pickax icon indicates a gear's durability.
Every time you enter a mine, a durability decreases by 1. When at 0, it needs to be repaired.

Tiny Miners Tip #3: Crafting a Gear.
Pick up resources to make a new GEAR out of it.
Combine any two resources that are compatible and see the outcome.
You can speed up the experimentation with the crystals.
You may get a SUPERIOR GEAR on crafting, keep crafting if you have enough resources.

Tiny Miners Tip #4: Login with Facebook.

  • Get 15 crystals instantly.
  • Enable the Clans feature.
  • Create/Join a clan and get 3 diamonds.
  • Participate in daily clan quests for an extra reward.
  • Battle against other clans and get weekly MEGA REWARDS together.