Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Solving Icy Puzzles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot by Disney for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Disney Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot Tip #1: 3 Ways to Win & 3 Types of Boosters!

  1. Break all the Red Ice Blocks to win.
  2. Drop all the Troll Gems in to the water to win.
  3. Shoot the torches to extinguish them. Extinguish all the torches to win.
Super Aim Booster
Super Aim will predict the next snowball's path.
Activate the Super Aim Power-Up to help make the perfect shot.

Colossal Snowball Booster
Hitting a Colossal Snowball Booster will grow your Snowball up to 5 times the size.
Keep a Snowball in game for 12 seconds to create a colossal snowball booster.

Flaming Snowball Booster
Hitting a flaming snowball booster will allow you to melt through most ice blocks.
Bounce off both Sides of the level to create a flaming snowball booster.
Flaming Snowball Power Up will help you pass tricky objectives.

Disney Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot Tip #2: How to Play.
Drag your finger right and left to aim. Tap to Shoot!
Super Aim Power Up improves your aim. Bounce ice blocks with precision.
Boosters Pack gives you extra boosters in game. Use them to create powerful combos.
Hit the snowball 20 times in a row. You will earn a score multiplier booster.
Tap the snowgies button to play with them. If a ball lands inside their box you will earn an extra ball.
Keep the snowball on the board for 12 seconds before it falls. You will earn a colossal snowball booster.
Bounce the snowball twice of the ceiling. You will earn a double ball booster.
Bounce the ball of both walls. You will earn a flaming snowball booster.

Disney Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot Tip #3: Free Spin.
In Oeaken's Cloakens, you can have a free spin for every 8 hours, spin to win and get keys.
There are 3 kinds of chest. Each chests requires keys, the first chest requires 45 keys while second chest requires 90 keys and third chest requires 180 keys.
It is recommended to save your keys until you can afford the third chest for better rewards and cost efficient.
You can also buy one spin if you can't wait for the next free spin.
Unlock Olaf's Summer Dream Levels to get a special reward at the end of each summer dream.

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